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Rome (AP) — Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte faces a challenge to the survival of the government as a junior partner threatens …

Rome (AP) — Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte launches a large mass vaccination program, threatening to withdraw support from junior partners, just as Italy is fighting the virus’s resurgence and recession We are trying to keep the government alive.

For weeks, former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has criticized Conté’s plan to use the European Union’s Pandemic Recovery Fund to centralize government decision-making. If Renzi continued to threaten to abandon his little Italian Alive party’s support from the government, the crisis reshuffled Conte, voting in parliament to see if he still had a majority. Will drive into many unwelcome scenarios, including, or offer his resignation.

At that point, the Italian president needs to meet with political parties to decide whether to establish a new government in Conte, establish a technical government, or call for a new early election. Given the proliferation of Italian coronavirus infections, the last option is considered unlikely.

Two government ministers, Renzi, abstained from the cabinet vote late Tuesday and approved the expenditure of EU funds. Renzi is planning a press conference late Wednesday.

Renzi faces criticism that it is irresponsibly causing a government crisis when the government has already contained the outbreak, vaccinated Italians and struggled to prevent further collapse of the Italian economy. I am.

Renzi argues that he is not seeking power for himself, but merely doing his best for the country.

“What we do is called politics. We study cards and make suggestions,” he tweeted.

However, Renzi has previously elicited similar power play. He became Prime Minister of Italy in 2014 after manipulating the ruling Democratic Party to remove Enrico Letta from the Prime Minister and put him in the office instead. However, Renzi lost his political bet two years later when he was forced to resign after betting the prime minister on a failed referendum.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Roberto Speranza noted “useless” government tensions in a briefing to Parliament on the Italian vaccine campaign and a planned extension of COVID-19 restrictions. He advocated a constructive political situation to tackle the country’s biggest health emergency in a century.

“The purpose we are trying to reach is to get out of this long nightmare we live in, especially with vaccines, and to pollute it with useless controversies that hurt the Italians who have to get out. Is too important, “he said.

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Italian PM Conte faces challenge as Renzi again disrupts Source link Italian PM Conte faces challenge as Renzi again disrupts

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