Italy places seven bodies at the burnt crash site of a helicopter

According to officials, Italian rescue teams left the bodies of seven people, including four Turks and two Lebanese, who died on Saturday when a helicopter crashed in a forested mountainous area in north-central Italy during a storm. I found.

Colonel Alfonso Cipriano, who heads the Air Force rescue coordination unit that led the search, reported that the rescuer saw what he thought was part of a broken chopper during an excursion on Mount Kuzna. Saturday morning when he said he had fallen to the crash site.

The aviation crew confirmed the scene, and the ground crew first placed five bodies, then the other two, Cipriano told The Associated Press. The location was in an inaccessible valley, and the chopper’s wreckage was hidden by aerial rescuers from a lush tree cover, but some branches were broken and burned.

The helicopter disappeared from the radar screen on Thursday morning as it flew over the province of Modena in the Apennines of Tuscany-Emilia. He was carrying seven people from Lucca to Treviso to visit the tissue paper manufacturing facility, including four Turkish citizens, two Lebanese and an Italian pilot.

The Turks on board worked for the Turkish industrial group Eczacibasi, who said they were participating in the trade fair.

Eczacibasi expressed his condolences in a statement with “great pain and sadness” when the factory manager, the Yalova provincial factory sanitary paper bureau chief, the investment project bureau chief, and the Manisa provincial factory production bureau chief died in a crash.

The crash site was about 10 km (6 miles) from where the rescuer first started the search based on the last mobile phone ping from the passenger’s phone. Cipriano said it could take hours or even days to find the site without the tip of the runner, given the difficult and lush terrain.

Italy places seven bodies at the burnt crash site of a helicopter

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