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Tampa, Florida 2021-06-24 13:16:55 –

ABC Action News knows that it is the combination of all communities that makes Tampa Bay livable. Therefore, we have launched a new series of reports that highlight the good things that are happening around the town and discover cool gems that you may not know. And it reveals big news events that affect those areas.

on Friday, Good morning tampa bay The team focused on Carolwood.

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Carolwood Cultural Center Revives Class, Summer Camp

The Carrollwood Cultural Center is a prominent place in the community where people can experience art.

They have it all. From yoga and acting classes to summer camps.

The Carrollwood Community sees business growth during a pandemic, thanks to community support

Jennifer Jenkins, Chairman of the Carrollwood Area Business Association and owner and founder of Rooted Holistic Health Coaching, said:

That’s the message Carrollwood companies have to the community.

“Many commuters and many families do the same, so that’s a great area,” said Jay Patel, SoFresh franchise partner.

Walking Club: Exploring Carolwood Village Park

Carrollwood Village Park is a must-see spot about 20 minutes north of Tampa. It has something for everyone!

Proud book: A 12-year-old female golfer makes her mark in Augusta

Elyse Meerdink, 12, often goes to golf courses.

This year she was able to compete in August Nationals Drive, Chip and Putt tournaments.

“Only 10 girls in my age group make it, with a total of only 80 participants,” explains Elyse.

Elyse has also come to experience all the bells and whistles on his way to Augusta.

Community Food Pantry feeds thousands of families in Greater Carrollwood

More than 1,500 families drive the Village Presbyterian Church’s food ration line in Greater Carrollwood each month, including Nomadriggers and her husband.

“This program was great for us. They offer when you have a limited income and you need food. They serve beautifully,” said Noma Driggers.

The largest refurbishment project in Carrollwood Day School history is underway. Aiming for the finish in September

This is the largest refurbishment in the history of Carroll Wood Day School.

Innovation Center Hoping to open in September, it features over 40,000 square feet for students to use.

Students’ unions, cafeterias and multipurpose areas take the campus to the next step.

The main building will also be refurbished to enable large classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, music rooms and interactive small meeting rooms.

Tampa’s New School of Rock location provides outlets for children after a pandemic

Many people were singing blues at home during the pandemic, but this summer the School of Rock Tampa North wants them to sing another song.

The new franchise opened just in time to offer a variety of summer camps. In the first month, they enrolled 25 new students.

Rebound Tampa Bay: The boutique gym offers more than just a place to exercise

In the days of COVID-19, many gyms had a hard time bringing people back.
But in Bar performance training At Carrollwood, we’re seeing a surge in new members. Owner and personal trainer Antonio Bishop said this is happening because it doesn’t run like a traditional gym.

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