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Eating and drinking establishments suffering from invasion and crime trying to survive in a pandemic

Flying Fish Seafood Market on E. Burnside Street, Portland, November 25, 2020. (KOIN)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — As restaurants strive to overcome pandemic restrictions, Portland also faces another type of challenge: invasion and the plague of crime.

so East Burnside Flying Fish CompanyTheir outdoor heaters were stolen a few days ago by the immediate vicinity of their patio area, where customers lined up for fresh seafood and kitchen staples.

“That’s very disappointing,” chef Eric Englund told KOIN6 News. “That is, we are really just trying to overcome these times of trial.”

According to Englund, the thief unlocked and unlocked five large outdoor heaters, ruining an important part of the business plan to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Theft occurs when there are few wiggle rooms in a restaurant.

Flying Fish Company (KOIN) on E. Burnside, Portland, November 25, 2020

“We closed late Saturday night, late at night. They must have brought a big box truck or some big pickups and loaded them into the heater,” he said. “There’s a beautiful tent outside, as Kate Brown allows her to open back for an outdoor meal next week, but the heater is a sort of popular item so far, and puns aren’t intended. So it’s not as cozy and warm as it would be without these heaters. “

A little over 1 block Italian restaurant La Buca, A thief invaded and stole alcohol.

“I think these are times of challenge for all of us. I know many of us are trying to survive,” said the LaBuca staff. “It’s disappointing that people have to rely on it.”

Englund shared the feelings of many restaurant owners. Thanks to the customers who supported them during this difficult time.

“Thank you guys! All our patrons who have supported us for years. Thank you for our new ones. Come in and get some delicious food.”

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‘It’s a huge bummer’: Burglars hit Portland restaurants Source link ‘It’s a huge bummer’: Burglars hit Portland restaurants

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