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Lynnville, Tennessee (WKRN) —Families share heartache as the murder of their father remains unresolved.

It’s been six months since someone shot and killed Jim Grimes outside Linville’s house on Tuesday.

A beloved businessman leaves a mourning wife, children, and grandchildren.

“It’s a nightmare, it’s a nightmare,” Jim’s stepson Tyler Jones told News 2.

A nightmare has become a reality at home, the most peaceful place in the family.

Jim’s daughter, Jesse Grimes, said, “I felt like yesterday, so it’s unrealistic that six months may have already passed.”

The hearts of their family were killed on his 20-acre farm while feeding his animals.

“No one expects this to happen. You see this in movies and on TV. You never expect it to happen in your backyard,” Tyler said. rice field.

The family is now trying to feel sad, but the mysterious murder of a loved one remains unsolved.

“It’s just frustrating because we all know that we’re doing the best we can and working hard on the case, but even if you feel like you’re very close, It’s sometimes frustrating because I’m still far away, “said Jim’s son John.

The family has made countless efforts to answer with banners, signs and rewards.

“Closing is the main thing in our hearts. Who wants to know what and why. It doesn’t make any sense,” Tyler shook his head.

The family feels helpless as the clock goes by.

“You give it a name, we felt it. There was a celebration in his life, an anger at his death, and a sadness,” Tyler explained.

“I don’t know how reassuring anyone around here knows that this person was still there and had no motive. There was no reason for this, so he told your family. How can I avoid doing that? “Jesse asked.

The family seeks the help of the community, but also vows to find the dark soul that killed their father.

“It’s not an option. It’s not an option,” said his son Mike.

“No, you get the answer. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get the answer,” Jesse added.

The family is also asking the community to stand with them in the square at 11am on Tuesday, as Sheriff Giles County has provided the latest information on the investigation.

“I’m looking for help for people to be there to support us, support our family, and support law enforcement agencies to find Jim’s justice. We are nationwide. It’s not the news, and there’s no national support like some other cases, but my husband is someone of us and this case deserves recognition, so help us tomorrow. Please, Jim’s widow Dawn cried.

The compensation for the arrest of Jim Grimes’ murder is currently $ 100,000, but it is expected to increase further after hearing from a sheriff on Tuesday. Sheriff Kyle Helton states that there are people interested in the case, but they have not yet been named.

‘It’s a nightmare’: Children of murdered Giles County man plead for answers 6 months later Source link ‘It’s a nightmare’: Children of murdered Giles County man plead for answers 6 months later

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