“It’s a slap”: LA activists protest the mayor’s increase in police budget | Los Angeles

LMale Angels activists have blamed the mayor’s budget proposal. This includes increasing the law enforcement budget. Derek Chauvin convicted in Minneapolis It is fueling new police surveillance throughout the United States.

Protesters gathered outside a local police union building near downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday to celebrate a rare conviction in a police murder, but with a systematic local system, including Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) financing. I also asked for a change.

“The people who took us to the street convicted us yesterday … not a system. This system isn’t for us,” said Stephanie Luna, 21-year-old Anthony Vargas’ aunt. .. killed By an agent of the LA County Sheriff’s Office in 2018. “[The verdict] It has given us a lot of hope. You’ll need to bring some of it to California. “

Mothers in the crowd cheered with a sign bearing the names of the children killed by the LA Police Department, while others said, “We keep us safe.” Shake, Dismantling a powerful law enforcement union..

Since the massive protest caused by the killing of George Floyd in May 2020, activists have campaigned to reduce the LAPD budget, and the best way to prevent police violence is to reach out to police officers and the community. It claims to be reduced. Reinvest those funds in community programs and services..

Earlier this year, the group began holding a rally every Wednesday as part of a campaign to eliminate police labor groups. Civil servant labor union.

Faced with intense pressure, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti agreed in June last year to cut some of LAPD’s funding. But this week, Garsetti infuriated supporters and civil rights groups with a budget proposed between 2021 and 22. Allocate $ 1.76 billion to LAPD, 3% increase.

In the mayor’s office Quote the increase in murder The city said it needed to hire more police officers instead of retirees. He calls his proposal a “budget of justice.” A program aimed at dealing with inequality Increased spending on gang intervention officers.

But for Minerva Garcia, the budget felt like a “slap.” Garcia on Wednesday Police killing of her friend Vanessa Marquez, An actor who appeared on the TV program ER.

“The mayor says’Black Lives Matter’, but not his own backyard … The city says it’re rethinking public security,’but for them it’s more money for the police. Means to give. “

Garcia explained that she tried to get help from Marquez, who was physically handicapped and suffering from medical problems, but had a hard time finding available services. Police in South Pasadena, Los Angeles County shot and killed Marquez during a welfare check at home in 2018. Settled the proceedings For $ 450,000 earlier this year with Marquez’s family.

“If they were giving her money to take care of her, and if she was servicing her as I asked, she would have saved that money. It would have been much cheaper,” Garcia said. ..

Rally supporters pointed out a number Report Excessive force, policy violations and physical violence by LAPD officers in last year’s riots. Massive police response to demonstrations, including tactical bullets, in some cases seriously injured protesters. Need to be hospitalized, LA Times reported.

LAPD this week Forced to issue a moratorium About deploying certain projectile weapons in demonstrations, in response to a federal court ruling.The department said it could have officers No longer use 37mm projectile launcher BLMLA’s victory sued for control of the crowd in protest.

Dr. Melina Abdullah, co-founder of BLM LA, said it was particularly disappointing to see the mayor increase police funding even after the judge ordered the ministry to curb the response to the opposition movement. Stated. And it was so violent that it had to get court intervention to tell justice protesters not to use “non-lethal weapons.” “

“You have to be shy and not afraid to say’to abolish the police’,” she argues, saying that the first step is to reduce the LAPD, which removes the police from traffic control and mental health-related calls. Added.

Some activists gathered on Wednesday gathered outside the mayor’s house the day before in opposition to the increase in budget. Large-scale police response In areas with numerous helicopters overhead.

Nicole Donanian Brandon, co-founder of the People’s City Council, said: Los Angeles, A group of activists promoting the LAPD’s defense, and one of the people who gathered at the mayor’s house.

“Nothing has changed in the Los Angeles police in the last 12 months,” added Kenneth Mehia, a housing judicial activist and potential manager for the city of LA. analysis Of the mayor’s proposed budget. “Do we continue to spend money on the LAPD and hope they don’t hold themselves accountable, brutal protesters, or kill innocent civilians?”

Mejia calculated that the mayor’s budget would allocate 46% of all unlimited funds, Means LAPD discretionary funds. “These are the funds we can spend on anything … he should focus more on the biggest issues affecting housing and the homeless Angelenos.”

A spokesman for the mayor said the proposed LAPD budget was about 16% of the total $ 11.2 billion budget, but declined to comment on criticism from activists.

so speech Earlier this week, the mayor said the city was working to send clinicians instead of officers to “non-violent mental health emergencies,” saying “if you want to abolish police, you’re talking to the wrong mayor.” Added.

“It’s a slap”: LA activists protest the mayor’s increase in police budget | Los Angeles

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