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‘It’s like leaving the cult’; Former employee suing Dave Ramsey speaks out for the first time | US & World News – Kansas City, Missouri

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Nashville, Tennessee (WSMV)-In the first interview since filing a federal proceeding against the company of financial guru Dave Ramsey, Caitlin O’Connor described the company as a cult and worked. Members said they were afraid to make mistakes in their personal lives. Reported to their boss at work.

O’Connor filed a federal proceeding after stating that he had been dismissed for premarital sex and pregnancy.

She declines the interview request until Thursday.

“I obviously asked for an interview, but you answered no. What changed your mind?” Asked News4 Investigates.

“The latest news article you reported shocked me in an unprecedented way,” O’Connor said.

The story featured a voice in which Ramsey talked to staff and ing mocked an employee engaged in premarital sex.

“I didn’t agree with the core values ​​of a righteous life.” Why did you come to a fool? Ramsey said in the recording:

“He will go on stage in front of my 900 team members and call me stupid. That’s terribly inappropriate,” O’Connor said. “It was really straw the crushing the camel’s back.”

O’Connor, a four-year employee who worked as a management assistant for the company’s technology leader, says he remembers the day his male colleague was warned by his boss.

“One of the big tech leaders said they couldn’t have sex with their girlfriend and work here. I felt,’Oh, that’s reached,'” O’Connor said. ..

If Ramsey disagrees with Bible principles, he can hear him saying that his companion has no place to live.

“If you don’t like it, this is your clue. Don’t hit the door,” Ramsey said in a recording.

However, O’Connor said premarital sex was not stipulated as the cause of the dismissal.

Caitlin O’Connor, a former Dave Ramsey employee who was fired for premarital sex, broke her silence for the first time …

“Are you worried that you might lose your job when you find out that you are pregnant?” News4 researcher asked.

“Yes, I was scared,” O’Connor replied.

According to a federal proceeding, as soon as she sent an email to the Human Resources department informing her of her pregnancy, a high-ranking boss in the company responded in a surprising manner to the email.

“His exact word was classless,” she said.

“Is that his reaction?” Asked News4 Investigates.

“Classless. It broke me. It broke my soul. I’m a very stoic person. I’m a strong person and it killed me,” she said.

In the proceedings, O’Connor claims that the company terminated her insurance almost immediately.

“It’s like leaving the cult,” O’Connor said.

“Did you describe it as a cult?” Asked News4 Investigates.

“I’m not a cult expert. I would like to seek feedback from cult experts and experts from advanced control groups,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor has filed a lawsuit alleging that federal law prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy.

“I knew I was going to fight these bullies,” O’Connor said. “That was horrible, that is, it’s horrible now.”

Repeated attempts to contact Ramsey or someone in his company were unsuccessful.

In response to the proceedings, the company admitted that it had dismissed nine employees for premarital sex, but denied liability.

More is said to O’Conner, News4 Investigates is talking to sources about how they explain working conditions within the company, and more reports in the coming days. Will be held.

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‘It’s like leaving the cult’; Former employee suing Dave Ramsey speaks out for the first time | US & World News Source link ‘It’s like leaving the cult’; Former employee suing Dave Ramsey speaks out for the first time | US & World News

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