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“It’s not hard anymore,” No need to wait for COVID-19 vaccine in Oklahoma – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-04-08 08:14:48 –

Oklahoma City (KFOR) – It was not uncommon to see residents firing in the middle of the state as the first COVID-19 vaccine became available to residents of Oklahoma at the end of last year.

Vaccine reservations were very difficult, and some could be filled in minutes.

However, in recent weeks, the number of people who want to get the COVID-19 vaccine has dropped significantly.

On Wednesday, the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds megapods are almost 5,000 vaccinations not used for open appointments.

Now some health officials are concerned In Oklahoma, the enthusiasm for vaccines is diminishing.

However, Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt says he believes that some residents do not know how many opportunities are currently available.

“That is, the supply has finally reached demand. I think the only message we are trying to spread is that people can now be shot. It’s not difficult. Yesterday, the trade fair You had the option of driving to the venue and could choose from all three vaccines. You can take the first or second dose, and if you continue to visit vaxokc.com , You will find that there will be more such opportunities, and there are probably some. This is the first message. It only makes sure that people understand that it is no longer difficult. They are vaccines. If you want, you can probably accept it within a few days. Second, there are still people who are hesitant about the vaccine. As you know, they ask doctors. You need to talk and talk to someone you can trust. I hope you made the same decision I made and many others made, and there is nothing we can do there. We just want to encourage people to have those conversations, talk to people they trust, and I think we know how it ends. This goes to normal. We know that it’s the way, this is very proven and very safe, and we want people to understand it, but they do it. If you need to explore a bit, we understand that too. But the point is to visit vaxokc.com to find out about your upcoming plans and vaccinate. I took a second shot yesterday. And this is my way to normal. I am very excited and want everyone to experience this excitement, “said David Holt, Mayor of Oklahoma City.

“It’s not hard anymore,” No need to wait for COVID-19 vaccine in Oklahoma Source link “It’s not hard anymore,” No need to wait for COVID-19 vaccine in Oklahoma

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