“It’s part of our culture.”: When indoor dining resumes, New Yorkers slowly return to the restaurant.New York

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When Andrew Cuomo announced it New York In time for Valentine’s Day, restaurants in the city may reopen for limited indoor dining. He was free to suggest that the couple might want to propose. Please note that the wedding venue will reopen after a month.

“Valentine’s Day, the reopening of the restaurant, and the wedding of 150 people on March 15th,” said the Governor of New York.

Meanwhile, public health professionals have instead taken the freedom to rush to warn indoors.

And New Yorker himself is relatively about going inside to eat together, even one of the most popular days of the year for such activities, and even after months of restrictions. It was tentative.

According to official figures, last spring, New York City was in the global center of the coronavirus pandemic, which killed 28,341 people in the city as of Monday.

The state then experienced a huge winter peak that was worse than the spring surge. Infection rates are now back on the decline, According to the data Edited by .

City restaurant owners, who were allowed to reopen indoor dining with 25% capacity from Thursday, said they were flooded with business over Valentine’s Day, but traditionally dramatic suggestions and spectacular romantic gestures. I was worried about seeing it, and it wasn’t very lively.

At Fornino, a pizza restaurant in Brooklyn, founder and owner Michael Ayoub said there was a demand to celebrate on Sunday. The Valentine’s Day package with a heart-shaped pizza was “very popular,” but most people still chose to eat at home. ..

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for 45 years. Valentine’s Day is usually called Just Like Noah’s Ark. Two people come,” he said. “But I have to say that this particular year was very late indoors. I think people are still a little worried about eating indoors.”

He added: “No one had a big bouquet of roses or a ring. Many years ago, could you give people a ring and put it in a dessert, etc. But which one this year? There wasn’t. A little more solemn, a little more … well, let’s face it, life has changed. “

But that doesn’t mean there were no suggestions. The Standard, High Line Hotel reported three proposals over the weekend, while Manhattan’s Italian restaurant Lucciola witnessed one proposal on Sunday.

Experts are wary of resuming indoor dining in the United States.

“Now is the wrong time to eat indoors. Science is a new, more contagious thing that is hidden in those declining case rates, even though the cases are declining overall. “It suggests that it is part of a higher variant of the University of Maryland,” said Neil Sagal, an assistant professor of health policy and management at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. Told hill..

The latest move in New York seemed to challenge the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) GuidelinesStill, he says it’s safest to get food out of the restaurant, and advises those who eat at the restaurant to “eat outdoors if possible.”

And Melissa Perry, chairman of the Department of Environment and Occupational Health at George Washington University, said: Said: “I’m really worried about eating indoors with the mask off. There are still risks at this point.”

On February 14, 2021, on Valentine’s Day in Manhattan, New York City, we will have a meal at the Leopard at des Artists restaurant. Photo: Jeenah Moon / Reuters

Michele Casaday Massari, New York’s Lucchola chef and owner, witnessed this Valentine’s love celebration almost a year after the pandemic, not only among couples, but more generally, the crowd. Was older than usual and was a local.

Most people wanted to sit outside in the heated “foam” of the restaurant, and no one knelt down or brought flowers, and usually ordered champagne. Less people said.

“Everything was about celebrating love, [more] It’s sober … nothing is too luxurious, “he added.

New York City Hospitality Alliance encourages resumption of indoor meals and frequently Cuomo accused Discriminate against cities in terms of capacity limits.

Meanwhile, Giselle Deiaco, a co-owner of Avena, which has two restaurants in Manhattan, said she was “overwhelmed” by how many people came out to eat over the weekend.

“I’m happy to see people reacting to going out and eating out like this. I feel that many New Yorkers are missing out because part of our culture living in the city is eating out … Seeing such a very strong return is a big positive sign for the restaurant industry, “she said.

And at Kokomo in Brooklyn, which was launched during the June pandemic, owners said they were excited to have access to the interior of a Caribbean restaurant.

Leah Graham, who co-owns a restaurant with her husband Kebol, said 2020 was disappointing after making a large investment in interiors that “should be the star of the show.”

Thousands of restaurant workers have lost their jobs.

Ilya Panchernikov, Managing Director of Caviar Russe, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Manhattan, said: September 11, 2001 …and [great] recession.. “

He added that 25% capacity is “just not enough” for many restaurants to survive, but repeaters are “ecstatic” and are generally confident that New York City will recover from Covid. It was.

“It’s part of our culture.”: When indoor dining resumes, New Yorkers slowly return to the restaurant.New York

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