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It’s Rainin’ Love? Don’t Forget To Make Good Use Of These Monsoon Wedding Tips

We believe that the monsoon weather is the perfect choice because of the beautiful weather and the cloudy skies. Rains, no matter how they are arranged, provide the ideal setting for adventure-loving souls.

It’s humid and scummy, and everything looks delicate! The guests tend to avoid the ceremony, so your gala event can prove lonely for the groom and bride. Did we mention that your wedding dress and footwear are always the ones who pay for this?

Stop worrying! We are here to help!

We can help you find super ways to make sure your wedding day is a success, whether you’ve always wished to get married in rainy conditions or when your most important wedding date falls during heavy rain.

People, take a look!

Weather Check

Planning a monsoon wedding comes with a constant fear of sudden downpour. You should do your best possible to avoid such situations.

So, make sure you go through Google’s weather predictions on your big day. Also, ask your event manager to check with the locals about the weather pattern. They are the best ones to tell you the ground report.

Wedding Venue

If you think the rain may spoil your celebration, we’d advise selecting an indoor venue. However, if you insist on having an outdoor wedding, ensure that your venue has some indoor space for backup.

We’d advise minimizing the use of fabric drapes. If needed, you can use them for protective tents. Moreover, there are several other Waterproof Fabric Types that you can choose from.

Checking for water clogging and drainage is of equal importance. Make sure you check the surroundings and the geographical location of your venue beforehand.

Inform Your Outstation Guests

You would wish for all your near and dear ones to be a part of your special day. Many people will be traveling from far. Some may also travel across borders to be a part of the celebration.

So, it is a good idea to inform the guests about the weather conditions well in advance. This will help them plan their travel with ease.

This will also help them come with an extra pair of clothes which they can use in case of any emergency.

Wedding Decor

Monsoon weddings hit differently. There’s no denying that.

The weather will be at its best with the drizzle and breeze. What better time to take your vows than that romantic weather?

To top that up, consider going with bright colors for your wedding theme. As the trend goes, it would be nice to experiment with vibrant decor as well.

We’d advise not to use paper decoration or origami for obvious reasons. You can try using fresh flowers instead, especially if you have an indoor wedding. They can also add fresh vibes and colors to the environment.

Wedding Menu

Monsoon is the season for fresh produce around a lot of places. It would be wise to have some salad made with fresh produce at your wedding.

However, you can customize your wedding menu according to how you planned it.

You can also consider including hot tea and spicy snacks on the menu.

Including hot deserts (like brownie fudge) will stead the show along with the beautiful wedding cake.

Try including rum in the bar along with the classic wine and beer. This will add to the beautiful weather.

Have The Backup Ready

Crucial alert! You just can’t ignore this tip!

If it does happen, you can still use candlelight and lanterns to give the nuptials a romantic touch. We can’t fathom how beautiful the photos will be!

Final Word

Weddings don’t happen daily. So, they need proper planning to be remembered forever. While a monsoon wedding does sound fun and adventurous, you should have backup measures in place. The above tips will definitely help.

Happy wedding!

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