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Portland, Oregon (KOIN) – The cold winter is beginning to show some signs for next week. There is still no cold air, but it is damp on Mondays.

It is expected to rain at the beginning of Monday, probably before sunrise. A winter mix could be seen in some of the cold pockets towering over the hills of Washington’s Cascade. As the morning progresses, temperatures warm from the surface to lower altitudes.

It should snow in the mountains during the morning hours, but the level of snow rises beyond the morning pass. The area around the government camp in the morning may be as much as an inch, but it is expected to rain. This does not currently help at low altitudes in ski resorts.

Rain scatters up and down the coasts of Oregon and Washington across the valley throughout the first part of the day.

Futurecast continues to wait for a shower by the evening. I think it’s wetter to start the day than to end it. Take a look at the chart below to see where the shower ends on Monday.

Temperatures hover in the early 30s by morning and may be in the late 40s to the south. There aren’t many places to sink below or below freezing to start the day.

The warmest temperatures are towards the central Oregon coast. You need to sit close to or slightly below the average (48 degrees) by the afternoon.

The weather pattern shows that the trough is moving on Monday. Monday extends east by the end of the day.

The jet stream plans to meander further near the end of the weekend, dropping a valley in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). This keeps the mountains cool and causes snowfall at the ski resort.

If you look at the graphic of the forecast trend, you can see that the temperature will reach the low 40s by the weekend. This is when we start picking up more snow in the mountains and the moon begins to feel a little more like December.

It’s starting to look more like December this week Source link It’s starting to look more like December this week

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