It’s too early to blame the Jets for the Zach Wilson era … | New York Jets

The beauty of the NFL is rooted in the ridiculous display of skill and incredible play. next, New York Jets, Those who do not offer any of the above.

After falling to the New England Patriots 25-6 on Sunday, it’s not surprising that the jet is 0-2. After all, teams like Jets, who finished 2-14 last season, rarely win and play.

For their honor, and unlike Jets’ previous iterations, this year’s team is already showing positives. Rookie Rusher Michael Carter, who finished the day at 59 yards with 11 carries and two catches, showed Jets Brass’s talent for saliva during the draft. The defense worked well and put pressure on the three bags in the first half and Damian Harris’s impressive one in the third goal in the second half of the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, by that time Harris had passed seven jets with a bulldozer in a spectacular touchdown run that effectively sealed the New England game.

But there was also Zach Wilson. Overall, the second place in this year’s draft was a day from hell, each with four interceptions. More persistent than last time.. With a fourth passcut that would have puzzled the high school quarterback, he appeared to be throwing shot put instead of football. Worst of all, Wilson had tremendous protection in the last two picks. In short, sales were summarized in a terrible decision. Rookie quarterbacks need time to keep up with the NFL’s speed, but join the league knowing whether to throw the ball away, find a lane and take off, or what to do when given enough time. is needed.

“It’s okay to play a boring soccer match. Jets head coach Robert Saleh said after the match.”[Wilson] Competitive as junk, he wants a very bad win, but sometimes it’s okay to get bored. That is probably the greatest lesson he can learn from now on. “

Wilson wasn’t the only newcomer to make a mistake on Sunday. Trevor Lawrence threw his own two intercepts for the Jacksonville Jaguars, ending with a rating of 37.2. Justin Fields-the man many think Jets should choose over Wilson-was five out of twelve in the rescue of injured Andy Dalton (although Fields seals Chicago’s victory) Showed his scramble ability).

However, Wilson’s performance was his own class. If Jets is a regular franchise that is agnostic to the history of quarterback failures, we are more likely to choke his day into rookie jitter. Probably so, and Wilson will continue to be enshrined in the canton after winning seven Super Bowls.

But early in his career, and still early, did Jets make yet another Jets mistake with Wilson’s second pick, or they were the team’s fundamental dysfunction. It’s hard not to wonder if it means derailing. Any Quarterback. Based on what happened in Carolina, it certainly looks like the latter.

Sam Darnold, One of those failed Jets quarterbacks, Revived at Panthers.He looks like an upper quarterback (although he had) because he works with talented coaches and real offensive weapons. Short recurrence Elsewhere great performance against New Orleans Saints on Sunday. )

Or maybe Red flag around Wilson It was accurate. Did his relatively gentle schedule during his college career at BYU properly prepare him for the next level? Is his addiction to Hero Ball discovered by professional defense? Should Jets opt for more NFL-enabled options like Fields and Mac Jones?

Wilson has an unquestionable talent and can still turn into a great quarterback, and it would usually be ridiculous to ask big questions about quarterbacks early on. But Jet is not an ordinary franchise.

This week’s quote

Derrick Henry carved the Seahawks on Sunday. Photo: Joni Corson / USA Today Sports

“We saw. I heard. And we conquered. Please say something about it.” – Derrick Henry Following a 33-30 overtime win in Seattle, Tennessee.

Henry was a little tingling following the criticism of Titan and his low-scoring attacks in the first week (fantasy owner, look at you!). He focused on a total of 237 yards and three touchdowns, bringing the Titans to the winning field goal in the game. Henry is the guy you want for your team during overtime or at any time.

This week’s statistics

199 – Joe Burrow tried 199 passes without interception. But that streak, and thus the fate of Bengals, changes dramatically with Slow No 200. Bears linebacker Roquan Smith read Barrow and took the wrong pass home to win a pick 6. Barrow’s next two pass attempts were also intercepted. The change in momentum was very important for Chicago to secure a 20-17 victory. Especially because Barrow found a deep pass attack in the fourth quarter.

This Week’s MVP

Appearance of Tom brady It will appear to the children again. This week was a spectacular 5TD performance with a 48-25 bang in Atlanta in a game far closer than the score suggests, at least for some time. If Matt Ryan’s two pick six didn’t pull Bucks apart in the fourth quarter, Brady could have made six to seven touchdowns. Brady is easy to throw the ball at the age of 44, and the zipper on the ball is surprisingly easy.

This week’s video

Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein defended his nickname with a 56-yard field goal as time passed for the Cowboys to win the Chargers 20-17. It was an interesting two weeks for Zuerlein. After missing two field goals and additional points at the Tampa Bay Cowboys opener, he kicked a 48-yard player to temporarily preempt Dallas before Bucks kicked the winner. There was no doubt this week.

Elsewhere in the league

-Then about the NFL Understand Lamar Jackson … The Baltimore Ravens quarterback recorded three touchdowns, winning important 4th and 1st place in the last moment. 36-35 win Beyond the Kansas City Chiefs. The victory was even more impressive given the injuries that hit the team. As for the chiefs, they could easily go 0-2 after being hit hard by the Cleveland Browns this week. But Patrick Mahomes was great in many of the games and would be a big surprise if we didn’t play another playoff this season.

-Watch out for the nasty Las Vegas Raiders, who emerged as a surprise early on after winning the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers in a row. Las Vegas surprised Pittsburgh on Routes 26-17, largely thanks to the sensational Derek Carr. He supplemented the almost nonexistent Raiders rush game by throwing 382 yards and two touchdowns. The Raiders also dominated the Steelers’ suspicious line of attack. This was a statement game in collaboration with Gruden.

-Bills hit the unfortunate Miami Dolphins 35-0 and returned to track after finishing the opening loss. Josh Allen improved his performance last week, but he could still miss the goal, including a deeply fallen ball to Stefon Diggs in the third quarter. However, he carried out an efficient and balanced attack. Meanwhile, Bills defense was dominant. They forced four turnovers and stopped the dolphins on all fourth down attempts.

-NFC West Clock: This division is NFL The San Francisco 49ers victory in Philadelphia wasn’t a big palpitations, as Niners pulled away in the second half and finally won 17-11. Jimmy Garoppolo, who showed flaws in the first half, led the 49ers to multiple 90-yard drives in the second half. The defense continues to show that it is one of the best in the league. Ask Jalen Hurts, who has fallen into horror throughout. Arizona defeated Minnesota 34-33, thanks to Greg Joseph’s missed 37-yard field goal. Rams defeated Colts slightly 27-24. Backup Jacob Eason had a chance to drive Indianapolis downfield in late fourth instead of injured Carson Wentz, but threw the ball straight at Jalen Ramsey.

– was Shipping of significant injuries Sundays include Andy Dalton, Tua Tagovailoa, TJ Watt, Darrell Henderson, Bradley Chubb, Dion Ta Johnson and Wentz. How many other players have the same fate in 17 games?

It’s too early to blame the Jets for the Zach Wilson era … | New York Jets

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