“It’s too late”: US doctors say dying patients are begging for the Covid vaccine | US News

What the U.S. government calls “Unvaccinated pandemicIs late to realize that they want to be shot, despite suffering in hospitals, amid a nationwide surge in new Covid-19 infections, primarily caused by delta mutations. I realize it’s too much, so I’m deploying it in a painful way.

At least 99% of Americans who have died of coronavirus in the last six months have not been vaccinated, said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Meanwhile, vaccination rates are slowing nationwide, with more conservative regions in the southern part of the country, despite more than 610,000 virus deaths in the United States since the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020. Is especially low.

In a place like AlabamaAs of July 20, only 33% of those who could be vaccinated were fully vaccinated.

On Monday, a doctor at Britney Covia, a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, said that all but one of her Covid patients at the Grandview Medical Center were unvaccinated and fully recovered after receiving oxygen. She said she was expecting Birmingham News.. Some others are dying.

“I am admitting young and healthy people with very serious Covid infections to the hospital,” Cobia wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“One of the last things they do before they are intubated is to ask me for a vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them I’m sorry, but it’s too late,” she says artificially. He added, referring to patients who had to be ventilated.

Alabama Public Health Authority Recently reported Ninety-six percent of Alabama people who died in Covid after April were not completely vaccinated.

Some who have succumbed to the deadly disease are increasingly catching delta variants of the coronavirus, which are far more contagious than the original coronavirus.

Variant is configured 83% of new cases In the United States, according to Warensky.

“This is a dramatic increase, up from 50% of the week of July 3rd,” she said.

In Louisiana, only 36% of eligible individuals are vaccinated.

Local pharmaceutical researcher Paula Johnson postponed vaccination and was sent to the hospital by ambulance with Covid-19.

Johnson, who has no comorbidities, told CBS News that he was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance with Covid-19 symptoms. “I couldn’t breathe. I just – suddenly my lungs stopped working,” she said, “hit the wall.” Now she wants a vaccine.

by CDCPeople who have been infected with Covid-19 can still take shots, but some may have to wait 90 days depending on the treatment they receive.

Johnson is now urging others not to wait. “Get the vaccine and seize the opportunity. You can’t hurt it. It only relieves some of the symptoms without interfering with the vaccination. At least it helps you get the vaccine. “She said.

Joe Biden returns with increasing infectious diseases, hospitalizations and deaths Prompted When speaking at CNN City Hall in Cincinnati on Wednesday night, unvaccinated Americans took a “very important step” to take a shot.

The White House Currently under discussion Whether to ask vaccinated Americans to wear masks again, especially in areas where Delta variants are booming. Meanwhile, the CDC is considering updating the masking guidance.

Delta variants are understood to spread 2-3 times Faster From the original version of the virus.

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Guangdong Province Grow faster It is inside the respiratory tract of people and becomes infectious sooner.

The recent outbreak of virus in the United States is compelling even for those who downplay the effects of a pandemic to promote vaccination.

Fox News is jumping late to convince people to get vaccinated.

The cable news station broadcast a public service announcement on Wednesday, encouraging viewers to vaccinate. “America, we’re together,” Fox and Friends show anchor Steve Doocy said in an ad, and host Harris Faulkner said “preferably” before the screenshots on the CDC website were displayed. Get the vaccine. “

Less than an hour after the PSA aired on Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson decided to promote the vaccine while the U.S. president was begging people to vaccinate live. Suggested that it was poor. ..

“CNN is a news channel, not a health organization, so we shouldn’t take a position as a channel on whether or not to take medication,” Carlson said.

He later mysteriously added: Any news channel. Many of them are. “

“It’s too late”: US doctors say dying patients are begging for the Covid vaccine | US News

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