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Corpus Christi, Texas — Intravenous vitamin therapy has exploded in popularity over the past few years. If you feel sick, you can go to the hydration bar, lounge, spa, or wellness center to get your vitamins by IV drip. Some people have booked their home phone. At first, he was skeptical of Corpus Christi’s mechanics, but now he says he is a believer.

Daniel Pareso was a local mechanic who spent his work days in the element and was interested in its benefits, so he decided to try IV therapy.

“I thought it would be another fad that people wanted to waste money, but the first time I did it, it completely changed me.”

According to Pareso, the biggest effect is migraine headaches. “Recently once a week. I’ve been exercising in this heat, which has helped me a lot. It’s usually triggered when I’m too dehydrated in the heat. My migraine . “

He has not yet experienced migraine headaches since he received IV therapy.

Monica Pareso has been providing emergency medical care for 21 years and is responding to calls for emergencies. She is currently working at Lone Star IV Medics and spends her time calling her home. She sees a wide range of patients, all trying to improve their health with the comfort of their home.

“Many patients, like POTS patients, are obese, have problems with hydration, and have problems maintaining blood pressure.”

Other clients using IV therapy include cancer patients, pregnant women, or anyone who wants to lose weight. IV therapy offers a variety of health and wellness benefits, including treatment of certain undernourishments, purification of body toxins, increased energy levels, relief of anxiety, and promotion of relaxation.

That’s not the only service, according to Pareso. “It also treats the symptoms associated with influenza and COVID-19.”

The client’s symptoms determine the type of infusion they can receive. Lone Star IV Medics offers several packages, including:

Myers cocktail IV Hydration is the best-selling package and helps relieve many illnesses and symptoms of illness. Contains 6 influential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Myers’ cocktails can naturally boost your immune system and give you a burst of energy to prevent you from becoming insensitive. Explosions of vitamins and hydration can help skin health and help your weight loss regimen.

Ultimate Myers The cocktail is a premium package and offers the highest doses of vitamin C and glutathione. Customers get 5000 mg of Vitamin C and 1000 mg of glutathione. It is known to knock out even the most severe flu symptoms and even hangovers, increasing overall energy levels and alertness.

Rodeo cocktail Includes B Complex, Zinc, B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Glutathione, Tradol, Zofran, Pepsid, Benadryl. This is for clients who are completely overjoyed.

Gold hydration cocktail It contains two add-ins and is recommended for everything from nausea, pain, food poisoning and mild hangovers. Clients can choose between two additional vitamins, antioxidants, or medications offered. The Gold Cocktail comes standard with B vitamins and 1000cc of saline, making it the second best-selling package in the company.

According to Pareso, by offering house calls, more customers are seeking service. Intravenous therapy is gaining popularity because it allows you to comfortably provide treatment at home.

According to Pareso, “Most people will prefer someone to come to them, especially when they feel sick.”

This is the latest way Coastal Bend residents are trying to stay healthy.

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