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Jack Nicholson is five proud dads! Learn about his children here with his ex-wife Sandra Knight and ex-partners Rebecca Brusard and Winnie Holman.

Jack Nicholson, 84 is a family fan in my heart.The legendary actor shares five children with his ex-partner, including his only ex-wife Sandra knight..

Shining Actor Sandra Mizu, now 82 years old, 1962. exes welcomed their only daughter Jennifer Nicholson In 1963, before finally splitting five years later. “Real Jack is a loving, compassionate and giver,” Sandra said. Closer magazine “We had a very beautiful and sweet marriage,” she added.

Jack of “The Terror” and his ex-wife Sandra Knight. (AIP / Kobal / Shutterstock)

His second child, Caleb James GoddardBorn from a relationship with Susan Anspach —But Caleb was later legally adopted by the actor Mark Goddard..

Editorial use only. There is no use of book covers. Required Credits: Photo courtesy of Columbia / Kobal / Shutterstock (5881402l) Susan Anspach, Jack Nicholson Five Easy Pieces-1970 Director: Bob Rafelson Columbia USA Scene Still Drama 5 Easy Pieces Cinq pièces faciles
Susan Anspach and Jack Nicholson can be seen in the 1970 movie Five Easy Pieces. (Columbia / Cobal / Shutterstock)

Jack later met a former model Winnie Holman, Who is his daughter’s mother honeyBorn in 1981.

He became the third and fourth dad via ex Rebecca Brusard, 58, he had a relationship from 1989 to 1994.The previous couple is the daughter’s parents LorraineBorn in 1990, son RaymondBorn in 1992.

Jack Nicholson and former Rebecca Broussard share their two children together. (Brucculeri / Shutterstock)

See below for more information on Jack’s five children.

Jennifer Nicholson

Jennifer Nicholson was born on September 13, 1963 to Jack and his only ex-wife, Sandra Knight. After their division, Jennifer was raised in Hawaii by her mother. She later attended the University of Southern California, where she studied art.

Her formal education led to a career in interior design. This also included a refreshment of his father’s iconic home on Mulhullond Drive.

Jennifer then succeeded as a fashion designer, but confessed that her name was accompanied by “pressure” that no one else could understand.

“I like being the daughter of Jack Nicholson and I’m proud of him, but people don’t understand the pressure that comes with it,” she said in a past interview. She previously presented her collection at LA Fashion Week and opened her own boutique in the Venice area in 2013 to sell both her designs and other California brands.

Like her dad, Jennifer also pursued an acting career: her dad funded Flick in 1990. Blue champagne, And she later appeared in the 1994s Inevitable grace..

Jennifer tried to become an actress at some point and worked in the 1990 movie “Blue Champagne,” whose father funded her, but it couldn’t see the light of day. In 1994, she worked on a psychological thriller called “Inevitable Grace.”

Brunette married ex-husband Mark Norfleet In 1997, I met him at Punahou School in Honolulu.The pair welcomed the son Sean 1996, and Duke Jennifer divorced Mark in 2003.In particular, Duke was romantically linked Bella Hadid,twenty five.

Caleb James Goddard

Caleb is Jack’s son and late actress Susan Anspach Born September 26, 1970.The actors met on the set Five Easy Peace In 1969, and shortly thereafter, he began a romantic relationship.Jack denied Caleb was him for many years, and he was later hired by Lost in space Actor Mark Goddard (Mark and Susan got married in 1970, but divorced in 1978).

Caleb received little public attention as a kid, but was later confirmed to have studied at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Like his parents, he has a career in both film and television. Worked as a writer and producer in New York City.

Caleb retained his stepfather’s name, but Jack is believed to have begun to provide him with financial support in the mid-1980s.Nicholas later recognized Caleb as his son in a 1996 interview. Man magazine.

Approval came after Susan was upset following his 1994 profile Vanity Fair It did not include any mention of her son. “Jack would say,’I didn’t have a father and I’m a superstar. It didn’t hurt me,'” Hunspach later said. “And I would say,’But you didn’t have to meet your father in every corner … you’re too famous to do this. It’s unfriendly,” she added. ..

Caleb also opened about reconnecting with his dad. “Jack told me … he never liked my mom,” he said. “He further said that my mother tried to use the media against him, and that the media was not a problem when you arrived in court,” he added. Caleb was also seen in a basketball game with his real father.

Honey Holman

Honey Hollman was born on January 1, 1981 to former Miss Scandinavian Winnie Hollman and Jack.The pair is believed to have had an affair while in Denmark, where Honey was born (Jack was in a relationship with). Angelica Huston At the time).

Honey is Jack’s most private chick and spends most of her life in Europe.However, she pursued acting and starred in Danish films. Empire North It dates back to 2006.

Despite the distance between Honey and her Received an Academy Award My dad, Jack, has always had a relationship with Honey over the phone.

40 year old married Peter Duffy The two live a quiet life in the Irish town of Trim. There they own a public place. She reportedly has three Duffy children.

Lorraine Nicholson

Lorraine Nicholson was born on April 16, 1990 to Jack and former Rebecca Broussard. The 31-year-old grew up in Los Angeles and studied acting at Brown University.

Like her dad, Lorraine is an actor.Blonde made her big screen debut with Jack in 2003 Need to give something As Samantha Newman when she was 13.She later played the role of biography Soul surferBased on the book with, Bethany Hamilton..

Jack’s daughter Lorraine Nicholson can be seen at the Ferragamo event. (Shutterstock)

“My dad told me,” The only goal you should have when you start is to make people want to work with you. ” Town & Country 2017 interview. When asked what she had learned by observing her father, she said, “It’s really important to have a fulfilling life.”

Lorraine has been with Jack for years, most of the time Los Angeles Lakers Match Courtside..

Ray Nicholson

Ray Nicholson was born in Jack and Rebecca and is the second child to enter the world on February 20, 1992. Like his sister Lorraine, Ray grew up in Los Angeles. After that, I attended the prestigious Cinematic Arts School at the University of Southern California and appeared in the school’s productions.

Jack Nicholson and his son Ray will be competing in the Lakers game on October 19th in Los Angeles. (Allen J Schöben / Los Angeles Times / Shutterstock)

Like his sister and father, Ray has Become an actor Appeared in several projects including the TV series panic..

You can see Ray Nicholson. (RSMX / starmaxinc.com / Shutterstock)

Ray was seen with him in October 2021 Lakers match father — Jack has been released for the first time in two years.

Jack Nicholson Kids-Hollywood Life

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