Jacob Blake speaks out about shooting, decision not to charge Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey in interview on GMA with Michael Strahan – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-01-14 09:10:59 –

Chicago-Jacob Blake spoke for the first time in Good Morning America on Thursday. I knew that the policeman who shot him seven times wouldn’t be guilty of anything.

“I was tired, and at that point I remember leaning back a bit and looking at my boy, and I said,” Daddy is you no matter what. I love you, “and I thought it would be the last thing I told them,” Blake said. “It wasn’t, thank God.”

According to Blake, two children were watching his father being repeatedly shot by police officers last August. According to Blake, police never said that Blake had an arrest warrant. Blake also denies getting weapons.

“I resisted being beaten,” Blake said when asked if he resisted detention. “What I mean is that they haven’t fallen because they don’t put their heads around my neck.”

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“I was breathing, blinking. I was like,” God, I’m coming. ” I think this is for me. “

“I explained (to my kids), I disassembled into them that my dad could die, but for some reason I didn’t do that day.”

The video of the encounter quickly caught the public’s attention with the peaceful protests and intense anxieties that took place in the city of Wisconsin.

After a month-long investigation last week, the District Attorney of Kinosha announced that he would not be prosecuted against an officer who shot Blake, who was identified by authorities as Rusten Sheskey officer. According to the DA, prosecutors believe that Blake had a knife and couldn’t convince jury Shesky that he wasn’t afraid of his life.

The prosecution also said Mr Blake would not be prosecuted in this case.

Kenosha, Wisconsin was prepared for anxiety, but nothing happened after prosecutors said they would not be prosecuted for shooting Jacob Blake by police officers during the summer. Since then, activists have sought to dismiss Shesky officers, and Blake’s family has called the DA’s decision a “slap.”

Blake was shot several times on his back on August 23. The shooting paralyzed him from the waist down, leading to violent protests, riots and looting.

District attorney Michael Gravry and his team took nearly two hours to contextualize what he called a “domestic case.” How Blake’s children’s mother, Laquisha Booker, called 911 and reported that Blake was planning to take off with his car and his children, taking the car rental key with him. I explained it in depth. He played the audio of the 911 press call.

Police arrived knowing that Blake had a felony arrest warrant, and Grabley confirmed that Blake had a knife. Blake revealed that the knife was a pocket knife.

The use of armed forces expert and former Madison police chief Noble Ray stated that the actions of police officers that day were in line with police training and protocols.

“They had no choice and pulled the gun after the physical measures didn’t work,” Ray said.

He sternly insisted that the jury would not be able to convince the Shesky officer that he was not afraid of his life at that moment, or that he would not harm others without self-defense.

“If there is enough information to enhance self-defense, the burden of proof lies with the state, and it is the prosecutor who disproves self-defense. Therefore, these officers said they had to fire weapons. Will have to disprove the clear expression of. To protect themselves, they will have to disprove that negative thing. “

According to police, Shesky and other police officers on the scene have been on leave and are currently on leave.

“This really shows why it is so difficult to file these proceedings against police officers, because police officers need deadly power to prevent his death or serious personal injury. Because the government had to show that it didn’t reasonably believe that it was, and the evidence here showed that there was a knife that I didn’t think it was in dispute. “Gill Sofa, an ABC7 legal analyst, said. “So the government must show that police were not reasonably afraid of Jacob Blake using knives against them. Obviously they couldn’t prove it. . “

Anthony Birch, a criminal defense counsel in Chicago and Wisconsin, said police might find it criminally hard work if a jury investigated what happened here last summer.

“What was the threat level to him? One way to explain it might not be that Mr. Blake was trying to escape. It may have been argued, he softened the situation. I was trying, “Birch said.

Birch’s take-out from an unusually public closing argument by the prosecutor is that he may have won it in court.

“The facts presented by state lawyers during this press conference may have been presented in other ways, and a judge of the facts could convict Shesky officers,” he said. Stated.

I personally called Blake and told him he would not be prosecuted. Blake’s family was grieved and furious.

“This is a slap from the Wisconsin government and DA perpetuating organized racism. Where was justice?” Jacob’s uncle, Justin Blake, said.

They marched for months and demanded prosecution, but that didn’t happen.

His father, Jacob Blake Sr., said, “I’m dissatisfied with what I said today. It didn’t shake us or make us jump from behind. What happens when they call the National Guard. I understood. ” , I will talk in Chicago after the announcement.

Blake’s uncle, Kenosha’s family, and community organizers led another march on Tuesday night after the verdict.

“I have no choice, so I wake up every day, put on my boots, and take part in the fight,” said Justin Blake.

Blake’s lawyer said he was the victim of the night and the video proves it.

“Shooting an individual seven times while walking away from a police officer constitutes that all elements of intentional murder have been met,” said lawyer B’Ivory Lamarr.

A federal civil rights investigation into the shootings is underway, and the family said they would also pursue civil lawsuits.

Justin Blake and activists also said the fight was always bigger than the Jacob Blake and Kenosha police while waiting for the outcome of Jacob’s case.

“If we really believe in what this government is based on, we have the power to make a difference,” Justin Blake told protests.

Benjamin Crump, one of Blake’s leading lawyers, was “extremely disappointed by Kenosha District Attorney Michael Grabley’s decision not to prosecute the police officers involved in this horrific shooting” after the decision was announced. I feel this decision. ” Not only Jacob and his family, but also the community that protested for justice failed. The actions of the Shesky officer caused anger and advocacy nationwide, but the district attorney’s decision not to prosecute the officer who shot Jacob many times paralyzed him and further confidence in our judicial system. Destroy This sends the wrong message to police officers across the country. It’s okay for police to abuse their power, recklessly shoot weapons, and destroy the lives of someone trying to protect his child. .. “

The Kenosha City Council unanimously voted on Monday night, approving an urgent declaration that would come into effect shortly after the decision. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has also approved helping Wisconsin National Guard control civilian anxiety.

Governor Evers issued a statement following the decision to prosecute, “Today’s decision is further evidence that our work is not being done. We are fairer, fairer, more impartial. We need to work hard every day towards a state and country. To combat the racism that Blackwis Concinites has experienced. We wish Jacob, his family, and the peace and justice of the entire Kenosha community. We reaffirm our commitment to action to build a fairer and more equitable nation for all racists. Make sure that those who exercise their right to meet tonight and in the future meet peacefully and safely. “

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The cry for justice is now transcendental. On hot summer heat to frigid winter nights, activists circulated the snow-covered streets of Kenosha and demanded that police be fired.

Kenosha leader activist Tanya McLean said, “Based on what happened in our country, they don’t care about us, our lives, so it’s probably in Jacob’s favor. No, they value their property and their business. “

Mayor Antaramian and police chief Daniel Miskinis said they are working on plans to protect peaceful protests and prevent the anxieties seen the day after the shooting.

The Blake family led a small protest on Tuesday night, but emphasized that they did not support violence in response to the decision.

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Some Kenosha companies have re-entered in anticipation of a billing decision.

“It’s anxious. I don’t know what will happen,” said Ajillian Burrell-Warfield. Her husband helped reattach the board to protect her hairdresser Textures RX.

“I took them down for the holidays in order to decorate the holidays and try to get them back to normal,” Burrell-Warfield said.

They want to escape the repeated insecurity and destruction of the public over the next few weeks.

“They destroyed our windows and destroyed our equipment,” said Colleen Gimmick of Jackson Hewitt. “I hope people from outside our community will stay outside our community.”

Justin Blake said his nephew focused on his recovery and inspiration for his family. In his case, he wanted to encourage the community to come together and seek justice. He said they wanted accusations in this case, but begged the community to maintain peace.

“People have the right to be upset,” said Justin Blake. “We are asking them not to be destructive and to get angry and make a fuss with the Blake family today.”

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Jacob Blake speaks out about shooting, decision not to charge Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey in interview on GMA with Michael Strahan Source link Jacob Blake speaks out about shooting, decision not to charge Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey in interview on GMA with Michael Strahan

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