Jaguars delivers her daughter home – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-25 13:30:24 –

Jacksonville Jaguars’ defensive harness, Dauan Smoot, helped deliver his daughter to the living room.

according to ESPNAround 4 am on Tuesday, an unexpected situation occurred when my wife Aumari collapsed in the living room and was heading to the hospital.

He talked about how the 911 operator guided the birth process.

“While there was an ambulance, we were all calling the ambulance. They told me to grab my shoelaces,” recalls Dawuane. “I didn’t know what to use the laces for, but I was told to grab the laces and wrap them around the umbilical cord to get the blood flow to the baby. That’s what we used. They guided me to it, so I grabbed one of my shoes and tore it as soon as possible. “

Their daughter, Ahlani Moon Smooth, was born in less than an hour.

The footballer called his wife “a real hero: mom of the year.”

In an interview with CNN, Dawuane said the collapse of his wife was the most horrifying moment of his life.

The couple are two-year-old Amir’s parents who were already born at home.

“Well, uh, actually Amir, he was born at home, so giving birth at home wasn’t foreign to me, but as you know, I think she’s at home. I didn’t, “said Aumari Smooth. “She was supposed to be born in a maternity center, so the whole thing was chaotic. I’m very proud of how he dealt with this situation.”

The whole family is fine.

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