JAIC enters a new stage in life and creates a team to help DoD adopt AI

The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is entering a new stage in its life. This will allow the Pentagon to adopt game-changing technology.

JAIC Marine Corps Vice Admiral Michael Groen announced JAIC 2.0 this week. This is an initiative he says will accelerate the adoption of AI in all aspects of military combat and business operations.

“We are recreating the engagement mechanism within JAIC to actively seek out problems and help others succeed,” he told the Pentagon on Tuesday. “We are a” problem pull “rather than a” product push “. “

JAIC has created a “flyaway team” that works with various Pentagon components.

“They help potential AI consumers, understand their data environment, and understand what they need to do to create an environment that can support a set of artificial intelligence solutions. “Groen said.

The new mission set contrasts with JAIC’s goal of jump-starting AI with DoD through the Pathfinder project.

“For the past year, a year and a half, we’ve been in the business,” Groen said. “We have developed over 30 AI products that work in different sector use cases. We learned a lot and hired some of the best talents in the business. It’s really amazing. However, when I acquired the shares, I realized that this was not a sufficient transformation. I was not in a position to transform the department by providing use cases. “

Much of the transformation comes in the form of the Joint Common Foundation, which JAIC wants to have in its initial operational capabilities in early 2021.

DoD signed a $ 106 million contract in August to build the system.

“JCF provides an AI development environment for large-scale testing, validation, and fielding of AI capabilities across the Pentagon,” said Major Navy, a JAIC spokesman. Arlo Abrahamson in a statement when the deal was announced. “The impact of JCF comes from enterprise-wide access to AI tools and data for AI developers across departments and their partners that enable AI project synchronization, reduced development redundancy, and widespread deployment of AI-enabled solutions. Brought to you by a tactical edge that allows frontline operators to benefit from these features. “

Groen said the foundation provides a technical foundation, especially for disadvantaged users who do not have access to data scientists or algorithms or who do not know how to utilize the data.

“They may be able to leverage training data from other programs,” he said. “A similar set of problems could identify reusable and reusable algorithms.”

As part of JAIC 2.0, Groen said organizations want to find the most compelling examples of using AI and implement them in the widest range of applications.

“Here is the balance we are trying to achieve,” he said. “On the other hand, we’re working with very cutting-edge AI technology with consumers who are partnering at the same level as us, and quite mature consumers. On the other side of the coin, to AI. We have partnerships with really important companies and organizations that haven’t actually started their journey. “

JAIC wants to be not only innovative, but also to ensure the right investment ratio to help consumers enter AI for the first time.

JAIC enters a new stage in life and creates a team to help DoD adopt AI

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