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Corcoran, Calif .– Immediately after a convicted murderer was killed and beheaded in a prison in California by sadistic torture, the prison guard was apparently in the hands of his cellmates. State Inspector General.

A report on the California lockup raised new questions about a vicious attack on Corcoran State Prison in March 2019, causing an investigation and proceedings by the family of victim Luis Romero, the Los Angeles Times said Wednesday. Reported to.

According to state documents, Jaime Osuna (31) was accused of using a makeshift knife to decapitate Romero, dissect, and remove parts of her eyes, fingers, and lungs.

One of the reports points out the negligence of the California Department of Orthodontic Rehabilitation, alleging that it conducted a poor investigation and delayed disciplinary action against security guards.

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According to The Times, the reason why police officers did not discover this horrifying sight early is not explained in detail. However, in a proceeding by Romero’s family, the bar was covered with a white sheet, indicating that the guards were unable to thoroughly check the cell.

The Correctional Bureau challenged the discovery of the report and said in a statement that it had “performed a thorough and complete investigation from the beginning.”

According to the newspaper, the family proceedings also question why Romero was in the cell with Osuna, a convicted murderer and a “self-proclaimed Satanist” who had attacked his housemate. I’m throwing.

“I was disappointed with the idea that my client had to file a proceeding to get the basic questions about his son’s death,” said Justin Sterling, Romero’s mother’s lawyer.

Sterling told the Times that the guards were intended to check the cell from time to time. Romero would have been alive today if the guards had done the necessary inspections, he said.

According to the complaint, Romero, who spent 27 years in prison, was put in a cell with Osuna after arriving from Mir Creek State Prison. He was convicted of second-class murder after shooting a woman in Compton as a teenager and dating a member of the gang. He was approaching parole.

Osuna, in his new cell, was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering and torturing Ibet Pena, 37, at a Bakersfield motel in 2011. In a trial, he mocked the victim’s family and tortured people. He boasted to TV news reporters that he liked to do it.

In the early morning of March 9, 2019, Osuna was systematically tortured and killed Romero, officials said.

Osuna cut off Romero’s neck with a razor-like blade on the handle. According to the autopsy, he also posed his body, chopping Romero’s face open on both sides of his mouth like a stretched smile.

According to The Times, guards found Osuna wearing a necklace made from a part of Romero’s body.

Kings County Executive Assistant District. Atty. Phil Esbenshad called it the most vicious killing I’ve ever seen. “We believe the victims were conscious for at least a period of time,” he said.

Osuna was transferred to the Salinas Valley State Prison Psychiatric Hospitalization Program. According to the newspaper, he has been diagnosed with an unspecified schizophrenia spectrum, antisocial personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

The judge ruled that Osuna was not eligible to be tried for Romero’s death.

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Jaime Osuna: Guards didn’t notice ‘self-styled satanist’ beheaded cellmate in CA prison, reports find Source link Jaime Osuna: Guards didn’t notice ‘self-styled satanist’ beheaded cellmate in CA prison, reports find

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