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Jairy, Hembree, Samantha Fish, and more of the best local music videos – Kansas City, Missouri

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Illustration by Caitlin Betts

I’m consistently back in these videos as the number of deltas continues to grow and things seem to hang unstable on the cliffs that consistently demand to hide in our homes again. Notice. Create art that can uplift my spirit in 3 minutes at a time. This is a powerful selection of music videos that resonate visually and emotionally.

Katy Guillen & The Drive, “Happily”

The video of KG & TD’s latest single “Willingly”, shot and edited by Khitam Jabr, is not only as a story of a story trying to find love and make it elusive, but also as a lyric video for you. Also works Learn all the words so you can sing together. This song seems to be perfect for a lot of people to scream together.


So this is the first of three videos related to Hembree shared in this Roundup. Scores include Hembury guitarist Alex Austin Ward (who is also behind this video), the band’s drummer (and his brother) Austin Ward, and formerly Cowboy Indian Bear and Bonso Madrid. CJ Calhorn is appearing. As CJ said First public video In the case of “Broaden Out,” the idea for this project is to “create a soundscape and environment where people can dive in completely and hang out there for a while, for better or for worse,” and dive into this video. Volume 1 The track is an intense and energetic experience.

Samantha fish, “Twisted Ambition”

The first single of Samantha Fish’s next album, FasterWatch the singer and blues guitarist swing, dance and erase some things with a sledgehammer. The electronic pulse behind Fish’s scorching guitar piece, combined with her confident delivery draw, makes this new single easy to cross from a roots rock playlist to a country station with minimal effort. Makes you feel like you can. Directed by Casey Pierce, this video is powerful and fun, and the easy-to-understand presentation shows a clear change from Fish’s previous visual appearance.

Emmarin Twist,”drag”

Scroll down the YouTube description of Emmarin Twist’s “Drug” video a bit, Proudental and Doris Henson. Dunehoo currently works in movies and videos, and those music chops seem to have helped him well.The distorted visuals and oval close-ups in this video would have made it easy to find space 120 minutes Alongside Susie and Banshee’s “Kiss Them for Me” decades ago.

Henbury, “Reach out”

This is the second of three videos related to Henbury and is actually Henbury. Their new single “Reach Out” is brighter than the band expected and is reflected in this animated video of Carpenter Collective and Igor + Valentine.Not as similar as vintage Sesame street The animation crossed that “I Hanker Fer a Hunk O Cheese” commercial, and it’s the best I’ve ever seen to raise your serotonin levels and move you out of your seat.

Hilarious, “Concept of love”

Listen: I know Katrin Conroy loves Kate Bush. She has made a Kate Bush cover set in the past and we talked directly about it, but this video is the most Kate Bush she’s ever done and I’m it love. “Concept of Love” is the first music from Conroy’s latest project, creating a bigger and richer song than she did at Laguerre, rather than a more intimate nature. This Jacob Shermerhorn video is visually stunning and shows what you can do with some great outfits, great Mikaila Morgan choreography, and some smiley face stickers.

Parazolo, “Sycophant”

The third and final Hembree-related video is from the band’s keyboard player Eric Davis and his electronic dance project Pala Zolo. This video has some things in common with the “parallel” score. This may be due to Alex Ward doing some work with William String Fellow Wilmot. This is easily the most danceable parazolo cut to date and a major step forward from the soundscape-like textures of past works on the Davis project. This video should be watched on a very large TV with a very large stereo behind it while it shines in the living room.

Jary, “Pool Floor” Feet RI Peter and Catty Cline

The Woozy synthesizer introduces Jairy’s absolute banger and features Manor Records artists RI Peter and Catty Cline. When I see the “pool floor” start, “Man … it feels like I need a saxophone. Don’t be afraid: it happens. I heard this in an American Top 40 repeat one Sunday morning. And I wonder if this video is really a VHS tape that has been lost since childhood. It’s the sound of summer fading, and I’m here for it.

FREDD1E FRESH, “Kobe and Royal”

Undoubtedly, this is just a lyric video / visualizer for the latest FRED D1 EFRESH “little ditty bop” and “bubble gum pop single” “Kobe and Royal”. That said, it’s so much fun, it’s a perfect use of 50’s pin-up art and a well-placed Rocky Horror-style lip set, so it’s not just a way to learn every word. Thanks to one of Jason X’s great editing features, it’s as fun as a “watermelon blisk”.

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Jairy, Hembree, Samantha Fish, and more of the best local music videos Source link Jairy, Hembree, Samantha Fish, and more of the best local music videos

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