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ENGLEWOOD-Jamar Johnson sensed where the question was heading. Broncos passed the quarterback Justin Fields on his ninth overall pick in the draft. Fields had the worst match against Indiana last season. Jammer Johnson played arguably the best game of his career that Saturday and posted two intercepts.

Is Jammer blaming himself (the tongue on his cheek) for Broncos not choosing the Ohio State University star?

“Personally, the key to the game was that I had chips on my shoulders from the previous year. They beat us 51-10. I’ve never lost that way in my life. No. I made it a business to change it. I was a starter (2020). I was a free safety and last line of defense, “said Wednesday at 6 pm at Denver7 Meet The Picks. Mr. Johnson, who will be taken up, said.

“I took it myself. I had an extra edge in the game. I did a lot of film studies about him. We had a good game plan. It was It was about getting it. ”

Johnson doesn’t have Siri to find football. He finished with seven intercepts in 24 games before Broncos caught him in the 164th overall selection in the fifth round. After Broncos captured Texas Safety Cadence Sterns, his choice became 12 picks.

“Jammer was the case where (general manager) George (Payton) stuck to the board. We had just drafted safety because the next guy had a much better separation than any other position. , Drafted Johnson. Some good feelings about him. ”

“He’s a guy who played well. I couldn’t work on it as usual. We like his talents, possibilities and abilities. It’s a good competition between these two guys and the other safety guys. Would. It’s already on the roster. “

Johnson brings athletic performance and energy, but will catch up when he finds a role in the 53-person roster. The team put Johnson and Cornerback Kary Vincent Jr. on the Reserve / COVID-19 list on Monday. Former Hoosier star has previously dealt with hiccups and fought over time throughout his college career.

He never lost his dream when he moved up the ranks. He has been paying attention to the NFL for years and is inspired by the community in Sarasota, Florida.

“I wanted to play a college ball in Lafayette. (Former Green Bay Packers defensive back) My town, Sam Shields, played in the league,” Johnson said. “He won the Super Bowl as a rookie, and he told me a lot. He had a big impact on me. Seeing it and hearing from him that when I was a kid I helped to have a dream. “

Johnson is 6 feet and weighs 206 pounds. He is angry and has the knack for finding the ball. It can lead to him seizing the opportunity, but he doesn’t lose confidence. Johnson got better at making picks after having a bad day in preparation.

“I dropped the intercept in high school. It was in my hands and that’s the worst feeling you can have as a DB. I promised myself I would never drop it again. When I’m on the field, that’s my big thing. Ball, ball, “said Johnson.

“I mean you’ve noticed that the only way you drop a pick is that you’re too relaxed, you really think you have it. I’m the ball all the time I started to see it in my hands. I started hitting the JUGS machine. It’s working pretty well. For me, a man. “

For Johnson, the draft kept his head shaking. In a good way. He prepared for the NFL with Patrick Sirtain II and Stearns in Arizona. After that, they arrived in Denver and the transition to the league was a little smoother.

“Yes, I, Pat and Cayden trained in the same facility for the draft. We all belonged to the same group and were drafted by the same team. It was like,” This is a crazy companion. ” We are ready to work. They are good competitors. We pushed each other. We bring out the best of each other, “said Johnson. “It was my first time to meet them. We quickly formed a bond. Pat was my training partner. He is a great player. His film speaks for itself.”

Johnson also boasts a glittering resume. Big Ten’s defensive back was hardly comparable to his production last season. And he enjoyed a lot of career highlights, including playing against Tennessee, Padu, and of course Ohio State University. But now is the next step. And he can’t wait to make a leap.

“It’s like going from Pop Warner to high school, and from high school to college. I’m starting over, so I have to prove myself again,” Johnson said. “What do you want to show your fans? I’m a ball hawk type. I have a very high IQ in football. If I get the chance, I’ll play hard and play the ball.”

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