Jameis Winston and Saints have won the falling Seahawks. NFL

Brian Johnson kicked a 33-yard field goal, leaving 1:56 on his NFL debut, and New Orleans Saints He took advantage of Seattle’s series of mistakes that won the Seahawks 13-10 on Monday night.

Alvin Kamara carried New Orleans luggage and Jameis Winston played several times as needed, but Saints escaped Seattle thanks to a series of failures by a home team led by backup quarterback Geno Smith. Did.

Two of the Seahawks’ biggest mistakes were in New Orleans’ decisive drive when Seattle was flagged for vandalizing passers-by and jumping offside in a long field goal attempt. Both penalties brought New Orleans the first down, and Johnson’s field goal from a two-minute warning led Saints.

Virginia Tech rookie Johnson connected from the first 21 yards and attempted additional points and both field goals.

Smith hit DK Metcalf with an 84-yard touchdown in the first quarter, but didn’t go anywhere when the Seahawks had a tie or a last chance to win. Smith was fired in a series of plays by Malcolm Jenkins and Demario Davis. On the 4th and 28th, Smith was put under pressure again and the throw to Metcalf was incomplete. Smith ran 167 yards, 12 out of 22 yards, and was fired five times because Davis, Cameron Jordan and others made his night uncomfortable.

The Seahawks lost their third straight win since 2011 and fell to 0-3 at home.

Kamala finished in the second half of the first half with 10 catches at 128 yards and a 13-yard TD reception. This was his fifth career regular season game with a double digit reception. He hurried 51 yards.

Winston added a rush of 43 yards, 19 yards out of 35 yards at 222 yards. He also played well thanks to the Seattle penalty and kept Saints within the field goal victory.

Seattle seemed to have stopped, but Marquise Blair was asked to slam Winston with a helmet crown and then devastate passers-by with a third-down bag. After that, Kamala was 3rd and 10th, passed the blitzkrieg 12 yards, and Saints was within the field goal.

When Johnson lined up for a 43-yard attempt, Al Woods jumped offside, allowing New Orleans to burn another 90 seconds from the watch before Johnson made a shorter attempt.
Jason Myers in Seattle missed a field goal attempt from the second 44 and 53 yards to the stadium’s open end after Smith stole another expensive bag. Myers made 50 yards.

Kamala had 21 touches on 39 offensive plays in New Orleans in the first half. He had little effect on the ground, but Seattle couldn’t slow him down in a pass game. He had already received 108 yards by half-time.

Four of his receptions took place on the last drive of the half when his 31-yard catch-and-run ran out of backfield and set a 13-yard TD catch and a 10-7 half-time lead. I did.

Jameis Winston and Saints have won the falling Seahawks. NFL

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