James McMurtry Returns – Shepherd Express – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-06-07 08:47:46 –

James McMurtry is calling from the bank parking lot. It’s not the fall of rock and roll or the glitz of celebrities. Parking isn’t a particularly romantic image of art, but it makes sense when talking about his creative process of writing songs when he needs to record an album. Get things done.

McMurtry will play Shank Hall on Sunday and tour his latest album Horses and hounds..

“If you don’t bleed, it’s not that important.”

McMurtry’s songs are painstaking and are often led by people and characters in situations that define their lives. Similarly, the lyrics may depict the details of the day-to-day existence of working and lower class people. In fact, since its debut in 1989, trying to connect the dots of the characters in his songs may be a worthwhile project. Too long in wasteland..

Using phrases like “… as McMurtry sings” is fascinating, but a lazy practice, but it means a biography and categorically points out that his song is a work of fiction. .. So it’s not important to blame him for what the song is. His job seems to be to provide images of listeners and remind them of their own version of how things get worse.

Press release of McMurtry’s new album Horses and hounds “This record has a clear Los Angeles feel,” says McMurtry. “Warren Zevon’s ghost seems to be trampling between guitar tracks. I don’t know how he got in there. He has never signed a work for hire.” McMurtry, like Zevon, said In songwriting, he shares the elegance of deadpan and a dark sense of humor. After all, songs such as “Cheney’s Toy,” “We Can’t Make It Here,” and “Choctaw Bingo” deal with the effects of war, outsourcing, and changes in the working-class American situation.

“I keep losing my glasses”

It’s a song that’s easy to cruise after three minutes, and while his song may seem like a flow of words, McMurtry’s new album uses space and cadence to tell a story. I’m continuing things.

“Operation Never Mind” conveys the reality of an anesthetized society that “country boys fight, so everything that a country boy can do” and the frustration of gatekeepers that “cameras are not close to combat”. increase. Then there is no other Vietnam. “Decent Man” finds McMurtry, on a soaring beat, part of a long line of enthusiastic observers lamenting the intersections of frustration and choice and the consequences they bring. “My field is now empty, my ground doesn’t plow. It washed away gravel and stones, it’s the only good thing to fill the bones,” may have come from the WPA project. .. His song may be something that future generations will use to learn about things in 2022.

The brilliant “Fort. Walton Wake-Up Call” wraps out a truck driver’s obstacle roll call, all the while echoed by a soulful background vocalist, “I keep losing my glasses.” Return to the chorus. Dark and humorous, this is where listeners of a certain age find themselves. This song may be a “convoy” bastard with a female backing chorus by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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