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New Pittsburgh Courier by Merecedes J. Williams

Death is a raw, especially more troublesome problem than ever before.

When identifying acquaintances and loved ones affected by the coronavirus, the degree of isolation is zero.

Death is usually also a conversation between adults, so I was skeptical when Kemp Powers, Mike Jones, and Pete Docter decided to make an animated film about the finale of life.

But after 100 minutes of tears, slaps, and life-thinking reactions, I can declare that the “soul” is one of the best that this crazy year has produced.

Ironically, with the many people we lost during this global epidemic, the movie is a sweet memory of life, love, and the true meaning of finding your purpose.

Pixar will finally screen the first feature film to star in African Americans. Academy Award-winning Jamie Fox lends his voice talent to jazz enthusiast and music teacher Joe Gardener, whose soul leaves the body just before the biggest gig of his life.

Like jazz music, the “soul” is beautiful, smooth, and a fun souvenir of both time and life.

At a roundtable conference hosted by the African American Film Critics Association, “Soul” writer and director Pete Docter said, “You already have a pretty good life and sometimes it’s hard to see.” ..

Docter told me he wasn’t going to finish the movie on time or make sure it was on budget when he was on the bed of death, but he was Pixar’s chief creative officer. One Docter said, “I want to look back on my family friends, and … every moment. I think it’s a matter of course.”

“I hope people appreciate what they have.”

Of all the undertones that echoed in “Soul,” the idea of ​​interest remained at the top of the list. When Joe Gardener is trying to live because of his love for jazz, we too are destined and eager to serve our purpose, even if we seem to live without our purpose. If anything, the real purpose of life is to fuel your time to the fullest here on Earth.

It’s some deep of a children’s movie.

Writer and co-director Kemp Powers, made of “soul,” reassesses his own relationship with children. “I hope that not only will I thank my family, but I will be able to understand a little about the humanity of my family by talking to them a little and looking at each other.”

“Soul” is a “Ghost”, “The Good Place” and “Inside Out” all in a nearly perfect Christmas package. Jamie Foxx delivers as usual. All the courage, satisfaction, and soul he already has permeates through the pores of this character.

In contrast to “The Princess and the Frog,” Pixar’s screen gives a real-time glimpse of black people with a story of a barber shop and a depiction of the encouragement of a black man leading a classroom.

Pixar has a long way to go to catalog diversification, but “Soul” is another great endeavor.

“Soul” is now available on Disney + (Disney Plus).

Jamie Foxx delivers in ‘Soul’ Source link Jamie Foxx delivers in ‘Soul’

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