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((((NewsNation) — Most Americans have approved the January 6 hearing and believe that President Donald Trump has condemned the US Capitol attack, at least to some extent. However, according to a NewsNation / Decision Desk HQ poll released Thursday, few people changed their views due to a recent parliamentary inquiry.

The House Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol on January 6 will continue on Thursday with a series of hearings related to the 2021 riots.

On the one hand, most Americans have the potential to track the inquiry for the day. To date, about 61% of Americans have followed hearings, according to a NewsNation poll that surveyed 1,006 registered voters on Sunday and Monday.

When the viewer is asked if his opinion has changed because of testimony:

  • 28% were more concerned about what happened on January 6th.
  • 15% weren’t too worried about what happened on January 6th
  • 53% said their opinions have not changed

“Many of the people who say they’re more worried are probably already worried,” said Kiel Williams, senior data scientist at DecisionDesk HQ. “If you’re in people in that segment, you see this and you’re really worried, you’re probably not the kind of person who tends to favor candidates along Trump.”

Other responses to the poll highlight different views on the hearing. Almost three-quarters of the voters investigated believed that the January 6 incident was a coordinated attack, but 15% consider it a “small, insignificant uproar.”

Regarding the role of Trump:

  • 35% believe he is completely responsible for the January 6th event
  • 24% think he has some responsibility
  • 31% think he’s not responsible

The hearing opinions differed in line with the party’s policy. Forty-three percent of Democrats said they were more concerned about the parliamentary attack, and 17% of Republicans said they were more concerned, in a hearing testimony on January 6.

Earlier polls suggested that the jury was not yet in trial, but it was not a January 6 attack.Ann ABC / Ipsos poll released on June 19th We found that 66% of respondents did not follow the hearing closely. Still, 60% believe the Commission’s investigation is fair, and 58% believe that Trump should be prosecuted for a crime.

According to ABC / Ipsos polls, the majority of Democrats believe Trump is responsible for the January 6th event, compared to less than a quarter of Republicans.

Jan. 6 hearings having impact (but maybe not how you think) Source link Jan. 6 hearings having impact (but maybe not how you think)

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