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Denver, Colorado 2021-10-19 20:11:26 –

Washington — A House committee investigating the contempt of Congress on January 6 unanimously former White House aide on Tuesday after former President Donald Trump’s longtime ally opposed the subpoena of documents and testimony. Resolved to charge Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress.

Trump, still defending his supporters who broke into the Capitol that day, sought to proactively thwart the Commission’s work by instructing Bannon and others not to answer the investigation questions. Trump also filed a proceeding in an attempt to prevent Congress from obtaining previous White House documents.

But lawmakers injured dozens of police officers, ran lawmakers for their lives, and provided facts and testimony about attacks involving Trump supporters who hampered President Joe Biden’s proof of victory. I will collect it, so I made it clear that I will not retreat.

Democratic Party Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the committee, said on Tuesday that Banon “stands alone, completely ignoring the subpoena,” and that the panel will not refuse to answer.

Banon may be “willing to be a martyr for the shameful cause of whitening what happened on January 6, that is, to show full loyalty to the former president,” but the contempt vote He said it was a warning to other witnesses.

“We are not deterred, we are not distracted, and we are not late,” Thompson added.

The vote on Tuesday evening sends an insulting resolution to the Full House. Full House will vote on Thursday’s bill. Home approval sends the matter to the Justice Department, which decides whether to pursue criminal accusations against Banon.

The contempt resolution is protected by the privileges of the former presidential palace, so even if Trump’s lawyer insists that Banon should not disclose information, the former Trump’s aide and podcast host will have a committee. It claims that there is no legal position to refuse. The Commission noted that Banon, who was fired from a White House job in 2017, was a civilian when he spoke to Trump before the attack. And Trump does not claim such executive privilege on the panel itself, lawmakers said.

Liz Cheney, a member of the Wyoming State Assembly, one of the two Republicans on the commission, said: But Bannon and Mr. Trump’s privilege dispute seems to reveal one thing. They suggest that President Trump was personally involved in the January 6 plan and implementation. And we reach that root. “

The Commission pursues Banon’s testimony for his apparent role at the January 6 event, including communication with Trump prior to the siege and his efforts to focus the former president on January 6. Say you are. The presidential vote and his comment on January 5th was that the next day, “all hell will be unleashed.”

“It appears that Banon has played multiple roles related to this investigation, including his role in building and participating in the” stop theft “public relations that motivated the attack,” “prior to January 6.” His efforts to plan political and other activities in “” the Commission wrote in a resolution recommending contempt.

The Biden White House rejected Banon’s allegations, and Deputy Adviser Jonathan Sue told Banon’s lawyers this week, “At this time, we are not aware of why our clients refused to appear in the testimony.” Biden’s judgment that executive privilege is not justified “applies to your client’s testimony and any document that your client may own,” Sue wrote.

Last week, when asked if the Justice Department should prosecute those who refused to testify, Biden said. However, the Justice Department quickly opposed, and a spokesman said the Justice Department would make its own decisions.

Banon said a court order was required before complying with the subpoena, but former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former White House and Pentagon aide Kashap Patel negotiated with the Commission. There is. It is unclear if the fourth former White House aide, Dan Scavino, will follow.

The Commission has also summoned more than a dozen people who helped plan Trump’s rally prior to the siege, and some of them have already submitted documents to testify.

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