Jane Krakowski On Surprise ’30 Rock’Cameon’Dickinson’: Interview-Hollywood Life

In tonight’s “Dickinson” episode, Mrs. D crosses the road with a face very familiar to “30 Rock” enthusiasts, and Jane Krakowski talks exclusively about HL and cameos!

This is my confession: I started watching Dickinson Because i’m huge Jane Krakowski fan.Well, for clarity, I stayed for innovative writing, incredible music, and an overall powerhouse cast that grew to love me, but took me to the world. I went to Jane Krakowski Arena Smith Created.And when faced with my favorite Jane Krakowski project, I think it’s 30 rock, NBC Tina fey-A feverish dream comedy that I can quote on Dime. If you’re a close friend, hit you with Jenna’s character Jenna Maloney’s favorite lines.

Now that you know what level I’m at, let’s dive into this week’s episode. Dickinson, “Spring Little Madness”.After a catastrophic event inside Edward’s birthday party, Dickinson’s females are at odds with Austin and Sue, all of which are pretty low. Edward’s big plan to cheer them up? Visit to a mental hospital! Don’t worry, no one is committed, but it’s here that Madame D meets the most exciting females.

Jane Krakowski as Mrs. Dickinson on Apple TV’s “Dickinson” (AppleTV +)

During a tour of the facility where Edward is believed to hold the position of trustee, Mrs. D came across a nice-looking room, and a woman was curled up on a blanket in her bed. And BLAMMO, she’s there: Marcelin Hugot, Well-known as the actress who played Kathy Geis, the daughter of GECEO Don Geis. 30 Rocks 7 years in a row! Fans will soon recognize her and be happy, but no one is as excited as Jane.

“I couldn’t believe it!” Jane said Exclusive interview When HollywoodLife About Dickinson Season 3. “I was very happy to be able to make a scene with her again.” Marceline plays the patient in exile, but he’s never crazy unless you count like crazy! “Nowhere in the world is a woman treated like a mental hospital,” Marceline’s character told Mrs. D. From all the cooking and cleaning she normally does for her family, she gave her a very necessary “R & R.” Explain that you are getting. All you need to do is shout a little about the voice coming from the wallpaper, and she is spoiled like a queen! The reunion is short, but very sweet. “Of course, it was really fun and great to be able to redo the scene with her. Of course, in a completely different setting,” Jane said.

But in season 3, 30 lock As Jane says, alum. Another of her companions from New York actually got behind the camera in an episode of a long song last week. Keith Powell, The person who played Toofer 30 lock, Actually directed a music-inspired episode, and as Jane says it, it was a special moment for everyone.

“The filming of the family singing together was a great day of all three seasons,” said Jane. “It was like a family singing together. We were all assigned a song. We practiced ourselves and got into a set. It was our first time to introduce it to everyone and it was real time. We could react with. If we love it, we can laugh, applaud, dance together, all within our character, and with us. It was within the credibility of the character of. But it felt alive at the meta level as well. All of us, like a party for all of us, as our character, and with us. As my own people, I really celebrated and enjoyed it together. “

And a group of people Jane has been working on DickinsonIncredible fellow female talent, especially to help fix the show. The fact that she is in front of the next generation of superstars— Hailee Steinfeld, Era Hunt, When Anna Baryshnikov — Not wasted by Jane at all. On the contrary, you can hear Dickinson’s female talking about the female she works with as she takes what is displayed on the screen to a whole new level.

“Dickinson” Season 3 Jane Krakowski, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Baryshnikov (Apple TV +)

“I am very grateful for all the scenes HaleyJane says, “Because she feels like an actress who gets so much attention that she learns something every time she works with Haley, and she surprises me with her professionalism. I won’t stop. The biggest growth of my character in all three seasons always comes from Haley’s scene, the emotional depth they go to, and what was revealed about Mrs. Dickinson in those scenes. “

Jane added: Anna.. I don’t know if everyone didn’t like working with Anna or seeing Anna. She is just a joy. And I think she’s a great cartoon actress, and I was impressed to see her flowers in every comedy she was given as her character.When Ella It’s power. She is one of the people I don’t work with most, but I always felt very honest with her work. “

When the show is in it The last episode ofIt’s hard to say goodbye to such a high-impact creative series. Still, for Jane, the experience was very rewarding and she revealed that she had removed a very important lesson.

“Don’t forget to always try something new,” she shared. “I think this show is very different from the other projects I’ve been working on, and certainly the style of comedy. And I was very inspired by the show’s original concept. It was to add such a modern twist to telling Emily Dickinson’s story, so seize opportunities, take risks, try something new, and always be artistic. I think it’s exciting to be open to ventures. “

Dickinson Season 3 will debut a whole new episode on Friday on Apple TV +.

Jane Krakowski On Surprise ’30 Rock’Cameon’Dickinson’: Interview-Hollywood Life

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