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Create art for the popular Pittsburgh bus stop, arts festival, and United States Tennis Association

Rob Taylor Junior
Courier staff writer

The highlight is Pittsburgh’s most popular bus stop.

Pittsburgh-born artist Janel Young, on the corner of downtown Smithfield Street and Six Avenue, turns the “P1” (or veteran “EBA”) “East Busway All Stops” bus stop into a colorful space galaxy-themed bus stop. I did. A work of art entitled “RESPECT”. Using a blend of colors such as blue, purple and magenta, the artwork is intended to convey that each person needs to always respect others.

“The artwork should reflect the challenges of COVID and how Pittsburgh deals with them,” Young said on June 20, when working on her design in New Pittsburgh Courier. Told to. That’s why I wanted to do something that would make it a little more evergreen. The concept is that respect is more important than the (COVID) rule. Respect for each other must remain the same, whether you wear masks, keep them 6 feet apart, or keep them changing. “

Janel Young, Growing up in Bertzhover and attending Shenley High School, he was asked to paint at popular bus stops on Smithfield Street and Six Avenue in downtown. (Photo by Rob Taylor Jr.)

The Port Authority of Allegheny stopped all buses and riders from using the bus stop for five days in June so that Young could create his work. Port Authority and Smart Growth America have commissioned the artwork.

Young conducted an online survey of local PAT bus riders and said they wanted to see art and intricate images, so they needed to see something while waiting at the bus stop. .. “Also, bright colors are uplifting. I want to make my work enjoyable and tied to a (COVID) safety message.”

“Respect” of JANEL YOUNG The murals are created on Smithfield Street and Six Avenue in downtown. Here, the P1 East Busway All-Stop Bus welcomes passengers. A graduate of Shenley High School worked on the creation in June. (Photo by Rob Taylor Jr.)

Not surprisingly, art is celebrated and appreciated here in Pittsburgh. Of course, Andy Warhol comes to mind. So is the Carnegie Museum of Art. Black artists in Pittsburgh are getting more and more attention and are funded through grants. Charities such as the Pittsburgh Foundation, the RK Mellon Foundation, and Heinz Endowment are major financial backers of local color artists.

Earlier this year, Young was one of four black artists who designed the library card for the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh and commemorated the 125th anniversary of the library. She also curated a piece called “Pathway To Joy” that stretches along Fort de Kane Boulevard between 6th Street and Stanwicks Street, just in time for last month’s Dollar Banks Striking Distance Festival.

Young, 29, grew up in Bertzhover and attended CAPA in junior high school and Shenley in high school. She studied business marketing at Pennsylvania State University and moved to New York City for public relations. Now she is back in Pittsburgh and is about to dominate the world of art.

Another work of art credited to Young is the Home Court Advantage Project. In this project, she painted the entire basketball court at McKinley Park in Beltzhoover, a place she knows well. She told the online website Very Local Pittsburgh that she loves seeing her work on display at ESPN at the US Open (tennis) in New York City last year. Her painting, entitled “Be Open To …”, was drawn behind the courtyard of the legendary tennis player Serena Williams at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Young also made history as the first artist to be commissioned to design the Yahoo! Black History Month logo in February this year.

Pictured above is part of JANEL YOUNG’s “respect” Murals created on Smithfield Street and Six Avenue in downtown. Here, the P1 East Busway All-Stop Bus welcomes passengers.

“Port Authority is proud to have a unique piece by a very talented local artist, Janel Young,” said Port Authority spokesman Adam Blandolph. “Her work,’Respect’ … reminds us all of being a little more attentive to others, especially during difficult times. It’s an honor to be able to do her job at the busiest bus stop in the area. And thank Janel and everyone else for helping to make it happen. “

Sarah Aziz, Festival Management Director of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, called Young’s “Pathway To Joy” mural at the 2021 Dollar Banks Striking Distance Arts Festival a “perfect big event public art piece.” “The colors, shapes and messages of’Pathway To Joy’gathered our festival attendees in a really special way. We are very grateful to share Janel’s gift with us. doing.”

“I think my job is important, but it’s hard to say how important it is,” Young told VeryLocal Pittsburgh. “I think it’s important for me to be able to express myself as an individual and as a black man, a woman, and a black woman, especially in places like Pittsburgh that are invisible or unheard of. To produce a work that represents. “

Janel Young emerging as an artist locally, nationally Source link Janel Young emerging as an artist locally, nationally

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