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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-23 15:48:54 –

UPS delivers more than packages to Capitol Hill.

New election funding records show that UPS is providing to lawmakers who voted against the 2020 presidential election.

The donation was made after UPS suspended political spending the day after the January 6 riots.

“Many of these companies have just withdrawn. Let’s not fuel any more, at least initially, as Washington has burned down,” said Douglas Schuler, an associate professor of business and public policy at Rice University. Said.

Companies have frozen donations to the campaign to avoid the fever of funding those who promoted the unfounded idea that President Biden didn’t actually win the election, Schuler said.

“Many people have begun to ask, who is behind those lawmakers?” He said.

Newsy reviewed recent Federal Election Commission filings and found that 16 companies, including some of the 147 Republican election opponents, were sending money back to Congress.

The list includes Ford, General Motors, JetBlue and Lockheed Martin.

Like UPS, they are companies that have announced a temporary suspension of donations to all lawmakers after the Capitol riots.

The donations come from an employee-sponsored political action committee known as PAC.

UPS reported that it had donated to two Republican opponents in a surge in new PAC donations that were also sent to the Democratic Party. The UPS did not reveal why it stopped donating after the riot and did not answer the question as to why the PAC now chose to support its opponents in the election.

Boeing took a time-out in January to consider political spending, “to not only support the company, but to ensure that it supports those who support the country’s most basic principles.”

Now, the new FEC filing shows that Boeing’s PAC is spending again on Democrats and Republicans, including four who challenged the election.

We asked Boeing: Who will the company stop supporting after the review?

A Boeing spokesman said, “Thank you for the question,” “I have nothing to add other than the statement,” and “We will continue to carefully evaluate the donations …” Mentioned the first answer from.

Mr. Signa said he would no longer make special donations to lawmakers who promoted or supported violence, or who “interfered with the change of power.”

However, FEC filings show that two months later, Cigna donated to seven lawmakers who tried to block the election.

When Newsy asked Cigna about these donations, a spokeswoman introduced us with a statement from the company stating that voting against the elections was not an act that would prevent a change of power.

FEC records show that companies have not yet given some of the loudest election skeptics.

“”[Missouri Sen. Josh] Hurley had a fist, which seemed like a very powerful symbol, “Schuler said.

Duke Energy, one of the country’s largest utilities, has contributed again to many national representatives, but not to PAC-backed Congressman Madison Corthorn in the 2020 election cycle.

That was before North Carolina General Assembly spoke to a crowd of Trump supporters shortly before the attack on the Capitol.

According to FEC records, businesses slowly return to the long tradition of donating to both parties, focusing on parliamentary leaders and committee chairs who can best shape the policies they are interested in. It’s coming.

This is a practice that Duke Energy’s CEO advocated at a recent shareholders’ meeting.

“We need to be part of the conversation so that we can bring the subject, expertise, experience and customer needs to the table. We will continue to do that,” said Duke Energy Chairman and President. CEO Lin said. I said it was good.

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