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File – In this August 20, 2020 file photo, Steve Bannon, a former chief strategist of President Donald Trump, speaks to a New York reporter. Banon’s lawyer states that President Donald Trump will not follow parliamentary investigations into the January 6 riots at Parliament because he claims executive privilege to thwart requests for testimony and documents. .. (AP photo / EduardoMunoz Alvarez, file)

The House of Representatives investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol has officially approved the detention of Steve Bannon, one of former President Donald Trump’s closest allies. On contempt of Congress Set up a major house vote later this week on Tuesday night.

Chairman Bennie Thompson told CNN on Tuesday that he hopes the entire house will vote for Banon’s criminal contempt by the weekend. Introducing Thursday. After voting for Full House, you will be referred to the Justice Ministry.

The criminal insult report was approved, moved to the floor without opposition from committee members, and marked an important milestone in the investigation as the panel wanted to be stimulated even by remote threats of prison time. To do Witnesses along more playing cards cooperate.

On Tuesday night, a member of the committee blew up Banon for refusing to cooperate with the panel’s investigation, and he was “isolated” in doing so as other witnesses were working with the panel. There are. “

At a committee meeting on Tuesday, Bannon officially declared that he should be charged with criminal contempt, but Thompson and Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney again rejected Bannon’s claim of executive privilege. In his opening remarks, Chaney further informed members that the debate on executive privilege between Bannon and Trump suggests that the former president was “personally involved” in the plan and implementation of January 6. I did.

Individuals accused of contempt of Congress are guilty of fines and crimes that can lead to imprisonment of 1 to 12 months. However, this process is rarely called and rarely leads to prison time. However, House’s pursuit of criminal accusations may be about setting an example from Banon and sending a message to other potential witnesses.

Insult report, Released on Monday nightOutlines the efforts made by the Commission to obtain witnesses to comply with the subpoena and the failure of witnesses to comply.

Prior to Tuesday night’s talks, the Commission wrote to the Commission that a Banon lawyer asked the Commission to postpone Tuesday’s meeting in light of Trump’s proceedings against the National Archives. Announced a new communication.

“We respectfully request a one-week postponement in light of this delay in submission,” Banon lawyer Robert J. Costello said on Monday.

Mississippi Democrat Thompson argued that the proceedings Costello was referring to were “not important to the Special Committee’s request for documents and testimony from Bannon” to move forward on criminal insults. He refused the request to postpone the Commission’s negotiations.

Following Tuesday’s meeting, the report will be referred to the House of Representatives for voting. If the vote is successful, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will certify the report to a US lawyer in the District of Columbia. Under the law, this finding requires US lawyers to “file a proceeding in a grand jury,” but the Department of Justice also makes its own decision to prosecute.

As serious as hearing a criminal insulting referral, the House’s choice to use the Justice Department can be a warning shot rather than a solution. It can take years for Banon to be charged with criminal insults through prosecution, and historically, criminal insults have been derailed by appeals and acquittals.

Commission sent a letter to Banon on Friday Refuse his argument According to a copy obtained by CNN, he did not follow the subpoena and dismissed the claim of executive privilege, especially because it was related to communication with individuals other than Trump.

Banon previously claimed it He can’t cooperate with the committee Until the issue of executive privilege is resolved by the court, but Friday’s response reveals that the Panel believes that his deliberate refusal to comply with the subpoena constitutes a breach of federal law. increase.

“As explained in the Special Commission’s letter on October 8, 2021 … The former President, whether formal or informal, has not communicated such privilege claims to the Special Commission. We believe that such a claim of privilege, even if made by the former President, does not preclude the legal acquisition of the information required by the Special Commission. “

And even though the Commission “tends to accept the unsupported premise” that executive privilege reaches communication between Banon and Trump, the letter “testifies or prepares the document in response to a parliamentary subpoena.” We do not enjoy any form of absolute exemption from doing so. ” “

CNN asked Banon’s lawyer for comment.The letter was first reported Washington post..

Costello also wrote to the Commission the night before Banon was due to appear for private deposits, arguing that it was “inappropriate” for the Commission to blame his client’s rebellion.

Costello said Banon was not ignoring the Commission’s request, but was following Trump’s instructions in his efforts to defend executive privilege. Costello also wrote that Banon would not cooperate with the Commission until an agreement was reached between the Commission and Trump on his claim of privilege.

“Until we reach an agreement with President Trump or receive a court ruling on the scope, scope and application of executive privilege, Mr Banon will not prepare a document to maintain the claim of executive privilege and other privileges. I testify, “read the letter.

The next day, the Commission officially announced its decision to proceed with criminal insults against Banon, an initiative that began on Tuesday with business talks and votes.

In a letter received by CNN on Monday, White House Deputy President Jonathan Sue told Costello that the Biden administration did not support Banon’s attempt to refuse to cooperate with the Commission because of executive privilege.

Sue informed Costello that after Biden left the Trump administration, he decided that one of Banon’s interactions with someone in the White House was a fair game for the Commission’s investigation.

“As you know, Mr. Bannon’s term as an employee of the White House ended in 2017,” Sue wrote. “As long as the privilege may apply to conversations with Mr. Banon’s former president or White House staff after his term, President Biden has already determined that the claim of executive privilege is not in the public interest and therefore is not. It is justified on a particular subject within the authority of the Special Committee. “

January 6 committee approves Steve Bannon criminal contempt report setting up key vote later this week Source link January 6 committee approves Steve Bannon criminal contempt report setting up key vote later this week

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