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Washington-Democrats began investigating the January 6 parliamentary riots on Tuesday, focusing on law enforcement officers attacked and beaten when the riots broke into buildings-humans in the violence of the day Efforts to turn face to face.

Police officers to testify endured some of the worst atrocities. They were punched, trampled, crushed and sprayed with chemical irritants. They were called racial slurs, and they themselves because the mob of supporters of then-President Donald Trump overwhelmed them, broke through windows and doors, and hampered Democratic President Joe Biden’s proof of victory. Was threatened with his weapon.

“We’re going to tell this story from the beginning,” said Democrat Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, who is sitting in a new house panel investigating the attack. “The moral center of gravity is these police officers who have taken their lives for us.”

Testimony is from Parliament police officers Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell, and Metropolitan Police Department Michael Fanone and Daniel Hodges.

In a previous interview, Dan stated that the attackers shouted racial slurs and fought while holding him down in a manner similar to hand-to-hand combat. Iraqi veteran Gonell suffered a detailed surgery on his leg and an injury he struggled to recover. Fanone states that he was shocked by a stun gun and was dragged down the stairs of the Capitol by a riot that beat him. Hodges was beaten and crushed between the two doors, and his bloody face and screams of anguish were captured in the video.

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The panel’s first hearing was held as many Republicans downplayed or completely denied the violence that occurred, denounced Democrat-led investigations as political motivations, and exacerbated party tensions since the riots. rice field. The Democratic Party has now begun an investigation by reminding people how cruel it was and how law enforcement officers who vowed to protect the Capitol were seriously injured in the hands of mobs. I would like to get the public support for this.

“What we really want to say at the hearing is what it was like to be at the forefront of these brave police officers,” said Adam Schiff, another member of the House Intelligence Committee. That’s it. ” “How many were they, how well the members of the crowd were militarized.”

According to Schiff, the hope is “to let the public know what really happened that day, especially in the light of efforts to whiten that part of current history.”

The Commission’s chairman, Mississippi Parliamentarian Benny Thompson, said the hearing would “tune” the investigation, not only for Trump’s role in the riots, but also for the right-wing group, whites, who were involved in pre-attack coordination. In investigating the supremacist.

We will also look at the security failures that allowed hundreds of people to defeat the Capitol and send candidates for their lives. Some of the invaders sought the deaths of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and then Vice President Mike Pence, who was hiding just a few feet away from the mob.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, one of the two Republicans on the panel, makes opening remarks after Thompson-Democratic efforts to appear as bipartisan as much as possible.

“This is definitely not a game. It’s deadly serious. There are some of my party, including leader (Kevin) McCarthy, who keeps acting as if this were about partisan politics. It’s really sad. I think. I think it’s a shame .. You know this Capitol was attacked. It was attacked while we were counting the electorate votes, and the Americans are truly worth it. “I will,” Chainy said in an interview with Good Morning America.

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House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said last week that Pelosi’s “rebuttal” in favor of Trump and his lie that he won the election were not appropriate for a serious investigation. After rejecting the person, he withdrew the participation of other Republicans. On Monday night, the House of Representatives voted against a resolution proposed by Republican leaders to have members sit on the panel.

McCarthy has stayed close to Trump since the riots and threatened to withdraw the Commission’s duties from Republicans joining the panel on January 6. On Monday, he called Chainy and Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger. He was also a member of the Commission’s “Pelosi Republican”, which Cheney immediately called “childish.”

“We have important work to do,” Chainy said on Monday when the committee met in preparation.

Outside the same meeting, Kinzinger said, “I’ve been pretending that January 6th didn’t happen for too long.” He said he didn’t expect to be in this position. “But when these plots continue to thrive, and when lies and false information continue to thrive, it is imperative that we, as members of parliament, get the answer.”

Immediately after the riot, almost all Republicans blamed the violent mob and told supporters that Trump himself would “fight like hell” to overturn his defeat. However, many have softened their tone in the last few months and weeks.

Georgia’s Congressman Andrew Clyde said the riot video was like a “normal tourist visit,” and Arizona’s Congressman Paul Gosar reiterated that a woman shot and killed by police was about to break. Said. “Runned” into the house chamber. Others falsely claimed that Democrats or liberal groups were the cause of the attack.

On Tuesday, a group of Republicans are planning to hold a press conference about the rebels arrested, calling them “prisoners.”

Police officers who testify have become more and more politically active in recent months, going from office to office in May, working with Senate Republicans to support an external committee to investigate the rebellion. The Senate Republicans eventually rejected the effort, even if the panel was evenly divided among the parties.

In June, the group was watching from the gallery as the House of Representatives resolved to conduct its own investigation instead.

After that vote, members of the group said they were dissatisfied with the Republican reaction-only Cheney and Kinzinger voted for the panel. Fanone quivered and said, “It’s very personal to me.” Dan said it was unbelievable that many of them would vote against the investigation.

“I didn’t think it was that close,” Dan said. “I thought it would happen, but everyone wants to go to the root.”


Associated Press writers Eric Tucker, Kevin Freking, and Padmananda Rama contributed to this report.

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