Japanese vending machines offer more than chips and sodas

American romance with vending machines goes back for generations. There are about 7 million vending machines in the country selling carbonated drinks, snacks and sundries for Americans, selling nearly $ 22 billion annually.

But when it comes to mind-boggling diversity and quantity, Japan is the capital of vending machines in the world. There is one vending machine for every 30 people in the country.

The flashing lights and the gentle glow of the machine seem to be beckoning to every corner. Vending machine banks line up in crowded aisles. The ultra-slim version germinates from lonely corners and it’s almost impossible to escape a refreshing pause.

With low crime rates and a thirst for convenience, Japan has become a mecca for automated self-service.

Japanese vending machines offer consumers a seemingly endless choice of coffee, tea, mineral water, juices and even soups. Junk food is actually harder to find than options such as fresh bananas or craftsmanship soup broth with whole grilled fish in a jar.


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You can choose from a variety of sweets such as scorpions, beetles, grasshoppers, and appasus japonicus. All are protein rich and gluten free.

“There are many opinions about this, but the Japanese are basically shy. Vending machines are great for introversion,” said planner Masashi Sakurai.

From stuffed animals to wood carving kits, trading cards, pop star posters, cat sushi trinkets and other collectibles, Japanese vending machines have tyranny.


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At one Buddhist temple, lucky charms are sold as carefully as carbonated drinks. Even higher quality products such as Tiffany perfumes and freshwater pearls are vending.

Vending machines are also now considered high art. Image of a snow-covered vending machine by photographer Eiji Ohashi, who was auctioned in London for over $ 40,000.

“The vending machine looked like a human because it was shining in the snow,” said Ohashi.

After spending 13 years traveling and filming vending machines, Ohashi collected an additional 1,000 vending machine photos. He said he had just begun to scratch the surface.

Japanese vending machines offer more than chips and sodas

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