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Jason Crow has moved to Centennial from Aurora, potentially affecting the 2022 election amid redistricting – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-05-12 04:30:00 –

US Congressman Jason Crow and his family have moved from Aurora to Centennial. This is a relocation that will take place as the districts of the state legislature are redrawn prior to the 2022 elections and can have significant political implications.

A Democrat in his second term still lives in his 6th Congress district. However, Centennial is part of the fast-growing South Denver Metro area, and some believe that it can lock Colorado’s new 8th Parliamentary District while Aurora moves to another district.

Behind the scenes, Crow’s move shuffled 2022 plans for some fellow Democrats who didn’t want to take on their incumbent.

Crow declined to comment, but an aide to the House of Representatives confirmed his move, stating that his intention was to continue to serve the people of District 6.

As long as Congressional candidates live in the same state in which the district is located, there is no requirement to live in the district they operate to represent. For example, a candidate can run for and represent a Boulder-based seat, even if he lives in Grand Junction. However, if you live in one area of ​​the state and try to represent another area in Congress, election results can occur.

It is not yet known where Colorado’s new parliamentary district is. Independent committees currently working on deciding how to draw the map should take into account the representation of minorities and interested communities. The Commission also needs to weigh geographical boundaries and population to maximize the number of politically competitive districts.

Districts cannot be drawn in to accommodate incumbents or candidates.

Map of the Colorado Parliamentary District.

According to Colorado San’s analysis, the Sixth Parliamentary District, which includes Aurora and Adams, Arapaho, and the rest of Douglas County, grew 13% between 2010 and 2019.

Each of Colorado’s eight parliamentary districts is expected to have a population of approximately 720,000, a solar analysis showed. According to 2019 population estimates, District 6 is home to more than 820,000 people. That is, the district will probably shrink and its boundaries will change.

Curtis Hubbard, a democratic consultant who has worked closely with Colorado’s subdivision, is far more likely to draw new parliamentary districts elsewhere, in Crow’s district in Colorado’s third-largest city. I think that a certain aurora will not be included.

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“Anyone who thinks South Metro Denver is the best place for the new 8th Parliamentary District isn’t spending enough time north of Metro Denver,” Hubbard said. “It’s really an area where there is more important and substantial growth, and there are communities of significant interest around the policies that carry out federal actions and require them.”

Crows previously lived in Denver’s Central Park district Move to nearby aurora He was the first to campaign to represent District 6 in the 2018 election cycle.

The subdivision process is at a loss as detailed population data from the US Census Bureau is not expected to arrive in Colorado until late September. To avoid further delays, an independent parliamentary subdivision committee tasked with redrawing district boundaries plans to use preliminary data from 2019 first. This is despite the pending opinion from the Colorado Supreme Court regarding the use of non-final data. Census Bureau.

The Commission’s plan is to use the final data to update the initial map based on preliminary population numbers.

Sun has been working to determine who is interested in running for District 8 if they are drawn into District 8. The breakdown so far is as follows.


  • Senator Brittany Pettersen of Lakewood
  • Senator Julie Gonzales of Denver
  • Emily Sirota, Denver Parliamentarian
  • Denver State Congressman Leslie Herrod
  • Pueblo State Congressman Danaya Esgar
  • Greenwood Village State Senator Jeff Bridges


  • Highlands Ranch State Congressman Kevin Van Winkle
  • Castle Rock State Congressman Patrick Neville
  • Colin Larson, Parliamentarian in Littleton
  • Senator Jerry Sonneberg of Sterling
  • Former 18th Judicial District Attorney George Browler in Parker

The new parliamentary map must be constitutionally completed by the end of the year.

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Jason Crow has moved to Centennial from Aurora, potentially affecting the 2022 election amid redistricting Source link Jason Crow has moved to Centennial from Aurora, potentially affecting the 2022 election amid redistricting

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