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If you’re looking for something to cling to these roller coasters Boston Celtics, make it Jaylen Brown’s words and actions.

After a phenomenal defeat to Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, Brown challenged his teammates to play with a sense of urgency. He confirmed the declaration by scoring 20 out of 38 points in the first quarter of the bounceback against Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday.

You see, I’m not telling you to start planning a duck boat parade. By the way, even keeping the calendar clear in early June doesn’t sweat. But Brown’s passion should at least give you a piece of hope that this team isn’t happy with defining the season due to health problems and bad losses.

After the match on Wednesday, Brown said he would not allow his teammates to step down on their own based on all failures.

“The sky is the limit,” Brown said. “I know it was the seasons before and after, many ups and downs, many dramas and chaos, and all sorts of things. I always try to do my best every night and make the guys I will not allow you to defeat it.

“We have to come out and fight. I think people are probably tired of hearing it, but I say that because I’m that type of person. I will continue. “

Can the Celtics block the negatives that are floating around this team for this season’s inconsistent method?

“Absolutely we can. We know the city we are playing in. We know how important the Celtics are to that city. We are doing our best to represent them well.” Said Brown.

“There were a lot of ups and downs this season. I’m grateful to all the positives. I’m grateful to the negatives. Everything goes round. I’m ready for rock and roll.” Please continue. “

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The Celtics wanted the entire Top 7 to be healthy for the first time this season on Friday night when the San Antonio Spurs visited. Kemba Walker, however It is described as suspicious due to the tension diagonally to the left..

Gaining chemistry and cohesion is close to the top of Boston’s to-do list in the last nine games of the regular season, but Walker’s health, especially if he sits in two more back-to-back backends. It won’t make it easy on schedule.

There are a few things that should be at the top of Brad Stevens’ to-do list in the next two weeks:

Premium seeds are available

Winning a 4th or 5th seed for all their failures, and a more favorable first round match against one of the teams currently jockeyed, is within the reach of Boston. ..

The Celtics entered the sixth place in the east on Friday. This paves the way for the Milwaukee Bucks, which is even worse if you take part in a play-in tournament, but behind the Hawks is one game behind and two games behind. Knicks.

NBA Playoffs Photo: Where C Stands in Tight East Race

Atlanta rematched the Philadelphia team on Friday, holding the Hawks 44. Knicks will open a six-game West Coast Road Trip in Houston on Sunday, making their competition much harder in matches against Denver, Phoenix, and both Ross Angels Team.

Boston, on the other hand, has the easiest schedule for the rest of the NBA. The slope of the season final with Knicks can have a serious seed impact, but it is the only remaining match against the team currently in the top 6 of either conference.

Move Evan Fournier

Boston’s big addition to the trade deadline, Evan Fournier, is in a particularly difficult situation as it prepares to recover from its three-week absence from COVID. In the four games after returning to Japan, Fournier shot three points, five out of 31 (16.1%) and two out of 14 (14.3%). He had missed some rough defensive stretches, some bad turnovers, some layups and wasn’t in the right place at one important moment against Brooklyn.

Impulsive control?

FG% of Fournier with Orlando (26 games)


Fournier’s FG with Boston (8 games)


These last nine games are very important for Frunier to feel like himself and play with confidence. In particular, he is still acclimatizing to the new personnel around him. We saw how players like Jayson Tatum struggled early in their return from the fight against COVID. The Celtics want Fournier to feel less sequelae when the playoffs arrive.

Prolonged for all this is the fact that Fournier is a free agent this summer. The Celtics have a vested interest in Fournier, which is thriving on the finish line this season, not only to help push the playoffs, but also to encourage him to re-sign in the long run.

Definition of playoff floatation

The Celtics are clearly in the top eight in the postseason. Brown, Tatam, Walker, Marcus Smart, Tristan Thompson, Robert Williams, Fournier, Payton Pritchard. There may be matches that encourage Stevens to expand to 9 and rarely 10 players from time to time.

Our question: Can Aaron Nesmith push to be its ninth spot later in the season? We nailed the place to Romeo Langford, and his early defense of his return from wrist surgery seemed to put him on track for it. Instead, his aggressive struggle and sometimes inadequate play drove him to DNP’s land. You can see Grant Williams and Semi-Ogeree playing for a few minutes in a particular match.

NESMITH Produce his best game as a pro Against Charlotte. He hustled his NBA calling card. His ability to hunt aggressive rebounds, blocks and steals makes him an intriguing turbo shot when Boston is running out of energy-this happened too often this season.

You wouldn’t expect to see many depth wings in the postseason. If health drives C deep into the bench, it’s a bad sign for Boston. But for teams that need shock too often, we are intrigued by what NESMITH can inject into that role. Consistently influencing the wins in the last nine games can be of great help in encouraging Rookie Lee Lee’s Stevens to consider him on a big stage.

Play hard, develop better habits and stay healthy

Here are the main points of the next nine games: Boston needs to play hard, develop better habits, and drop chips everywhere. Boston is scheduled to thrive near the finish line. There’s no indication that any game is a slam dunk for this regular season, but if the Celtics play near their potential, they should be included in the 4/5 spot mix. ..

Simulate the Celtics season with a perfectly healthy roster

Health should be a priority. The team’s playoff stay would be painfully short without it, as paper-thin depths are routinely exposed this year. Maybe it opposes building momentum and continuity at the finish line, but it’s just the reality of this strange season.

And Boston may simply have to expect the turmoil to be king when the playoffs arrive.

Jaylen Brown’s Impassioned Words and a Celtics Late-Season To-Do List – NBC Boston Source link Jaylen Brown’s Impassioned Words and a Celtics Late-Season To-Do List – NBC Boston

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