Jeff Bezos doubles Blue Origin’s time to focus more on his space company

Jeff Bezos pops champagne after coming out of the New Shepard capsule after a space flight on July 20, 2021.

Blue origin

Jeff Bezos We call Blue Origin the most important job in his life-and the time he spends on space companies is growing accordingly.

Historically, Bezos was devoted to one of the latest updates and discussions at Blue Origin Wednesday afternoon. People familiar with the situation told CNBC. But during the last month he also added Tuesday afternoon, those people said.

Increased involvement with Bezos’ company has been previously reported, but not how much he is involved with Blue Origin. Bezos’ time demands are high because he is one of the wealthiest people in the world and is still involved with Amazon as chairman of the company, so it is important to spend twice as much time with his space company. It represents an additional commitment.

Blue Origin and Bezos did not respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

His double efforts are coming at an important moment in Blue Origin’s history: the company is trapped Fierce court battle over NASA awards Contract with a multi-billion dollar lunar module Of Elon Musk SpaceX, its main customer BE-4 rocket engines are becoming more and more vocal After years of delay, Blue Origin’s The first orbital rocket is also a few years behind schedule, And its ballistic space research and tourism projects are currently underway in earnest.

We are also facing the technological development of Blue Origin New obstacles in the form of leaving top talent, As CNBC reported in August. Well-known people told CNBC that disagreements over the decision of Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith were the most common reason for senior leaders and engineers to resign.Smith is ex Honeywell An executive hired by Bezos to run the company in 2017.

The time added at Blue Origin partially represents Bezos’ new focus. For example, one told CNBC that he used to hold company-wide Q & A sessions with employees every year, but not in 2020 and this year.

It’s unclear if Bezos is also investing more in Blue Origin. In 2017 he He said he sells $ 1 billion a year His Amazon stock to fund the development of Blue Origin, but recently Bezos Increased sales of those stocks Without showing if all of those funds go to the space company.

Rendering of the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with Amazon satellites.

ULA / Amazon

Bezos resigned as Amazon The July CEO is also paying attention to how the two companies he founded interact. Blue Origin’s senior management held regular meetings to win a deal to launch Amazon’s Project Kuiper Internet satellite, well-known people told CNBC.But after the United Launch Alliance – a rocket manufacturing joint venture Boeing When Lockheed Martin ――I won First Amazon launch deal Earlier this year, Bezos began attending the Blue Origin Kaiper conference, those people said.

When Amazon announced the ULA 9 launch agreement in April, it emphasized that it would require multiple launch partners to launch 3,235 Kyper satellites. It keeps the door open for Blue Origin to grab the next-this time, perhaps with the help of someone who knows Amazon better than anyone else on the planet.

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Jeff Bezos doubles Blue Origin’s time to focus more on his space company

Source link Jeff Bezos doubles Blue Origin’s time to focus more on his space company

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