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Jeff Bezos draws rebuke for thanking Amazon workers and customers for ‘paying’ for space flight – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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New York — The wealthiest man in the world wanted to say, thanks to the people who made a short trip to space on Tuesday. But for some, the gratitude of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos ended up like a lead rocket.

Bezos made Amazon a shopping and entertainment giant, but faced increasing activity within his own workforce and increased pressure from critics to improve working conditions.

After the space trip, he thanked Amazon employees and customers for their support.

“I want to thank all Amazon employees and all Amazon customers,” Bezos said at a press conference.

The comments gathered criticism from several current and former politicians.

“Yes, Amazon workers were paying for this-low wages, union crushing, enthusiastic and inhumane workplaces, and delivery drivers who didn’t have health insurance during the pandemic,” D. -New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tweeted. “And Amazon customers are paying for it by exploiting their market power to hurt small businesses.”

“Amazon workers don’t have to thank Bezos. They have to stop the union’s bankruptcy and pay them the right amount,” said Robert Reich, a former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. Said.

Critics argued that he should be grateful by supporting union activities in Amazon’s warehouses and paying more taxes.

“Jeff Bezos forgot to thank all the hard-working Americans who actually paid taxes to keep the country running while he and Amazon weren’t paying anything,” said Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Senator Warren tweeted.

Amazon has long faced criticism from former employees and watchers that warehouse workers are low-paying and overworked.Company too Fought the union Of the workforce in a warehouse in Alabama earlier this year Voting that finally failed..

Critics argued that Bezos could better use his property to solve large-scale real-world problems on Earth.

In an interview with CNN On Monday, Bezos admitted that those critics were “generally correct,” but added that space travel and solving world problems was not an exclusive adventure.

“We have to do both,” he told CNN. “As you know, we now have many problems on earth. We need to tackle them and always look to the future. We are always a seed, civilization. We’ve done that as. We have to do both. ”

At the beginning of Tuesday’s press conference, Bezos added that traveling to space would allow others to better understand the world, especially the atmosphere.

“When we move around the planet, we hurt it,” Bezos said. “It’s another thing to see for yourself how fragile it really is.”

Jeff Bezos draws rebuke for thanking Amazon workers and customers for ‘paying’ for space flight Source link Jeff Bezos draws rebuke for thanking Amazon workers and customers for ‘paying’ for space flight

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