Jeffco teachers rally for ‘fair living wage’ outside school district headquarters – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-06-03 23:33:03 –

Golden, Colorado-Teachers gathered outside Jefferson County’s school district headquarters this afternoon on the eve of another contract negotiation session.

The message to their administration is “I want a fair living wage.”

The Jefferson County School District and Jefferson County Education Association will attend a three-hour zoom session at 8 am on Friday.

The current contract expires in August.

After gathering outside the headquarters building, teachers and parents marched towards Denver West Marriott Boulevard.

Brook Williams, chairman of JCEA, an art teacher, said the year has been a tough year for educators.

“It was very stressful just trying to meet all the needs of our students,” she said. “We are trying to meet their mental health and educational needs.”

In the news release, JCEA states that it advocates:

● Fairness to educators, students and families

● Respect education professionals and the resources they need to succeed

● True collaboration, all Jeffco stakeholders when making decisions

● Full-time DTL (Digital Teacher Librarian) for all schools

● Increased student mental health support, provider lowercase ratio

● Expansion of support for arts, music and physical education

● Strengthening support for special needs education

● Enhanced support for hiring and retaining high-quality health care providers, especially registered school nurses

● Investing in frontline educators by increasing compensation

Williams told Denver7 that it would be difficult for teachers to buy their own home with their current salary.

“I still have a personal friend who lives with my parents,” she said. “It’s very difficult.”

She said it was far from the way she started teaching.

“It was the school district I wanted, but I don’t feel like I’m staying competitive in terms of salary, so I’m not attracting the best educators,” she said.

When asked about impartiality, Williams replied, “Currently, Jefferson County has six African-American licensed educators.”

It is a district with 4,700 teachers.

When asked why Denver7 wasn’t there anymore, Williams replied, “That’s a good question. I’m asking for the same. I’m asking the contract to be accountable.”

She said the Education Association wants a district committee to work with the superintendent to develop goals on the issue of equity.

Denver7 contacted the district manager for comment on the teacher’s concerns and received the following short reply: “We are not interviewing or issuing a statement at this time as these are ongoing negotiations. We look forward to working together to reach an agreement. Contractually.”

“Our educators invest in students every day, so it’s time to invest in educators,” said Williams.

She said she believes the school district has federal pandemic funding: “We are asking our employees to actually invest, so that they meet the needs of our students (number of staff). You can adjust it and you won’t lose any more. “

Williams said he hopes new supervisor Tracy Dorland will work to change the culture of the district.

“She says compensation and cooperation are her two main priorities, and she seems to be very keen on fixing the culture of our district,” Williams said.

JCEA said he was very happy to hear that Dorland was ready to reach the negotiating table. She said no other Jeffco director had done that for years she had taught there.

Tomorrow’s negotiation session 8 am zoom.

Jeffco teachers rally for ‘fair living wage’ outside school district headquarters Source link Jeffco teachers rally for ‘fair living wage’ outside school district headquarters

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