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Denver, Colorado 2021-07-16 19:59:19 –

Jefferson County, Colorado — Jefferson County Open Space is looking to a ride-sharing program to ease parking congestion on the most popular trails.

Especially during the past year of the pandemic, people have been looking for a fun way to leave home safely with their families. Many people turn to trails for hiking and cycling.

As a result, outdoor spaces around the state, especially parking lots, are becoming more and more crowded.

Dillon McBride, Northern Regional Coordinator for Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS), said: “We are increasingly seeing people parked along the shoulders of the road or in adjacent neighborhoods, and in some cases illegally.”

Others have to go around the parking lot over and over again, waiting for the space to open. The Jefferson County trail has become very busy. According to McBride, weekends approach the size of crowds that were only seen on holidays, and weekdays look like weekends.

Throughout Colorado, there are regions that are looking at permit and booking systems as a way to limit the size of the crowd.

Jefferson County Open Space is trying another approach. The county has partnered with Lyft to launch a pilot program that offers discounted round-trip rides to the busiest trails in hopes of reducing parking congestion.

The Rideshare program uses code JCOS2021 to offer a $ 2.50 discount on round-trip customer fares to and from the trail from now to the end of the year.

“We are excited to partner with Jefferson County Open Space to launch this pilot and improve accessibility while reducing congestion in some of the best parks in the area,” Lyft said in a statement to Denver 7. I am.

The first time a rider uses the discount code, it will be automatically applied to future rides with and from the trailhead during park opening hours.

The trails covered by the program are:

  • North Table Mountain Park-West Trail Head
  • South Table Mountain Park-Camp George West Trailhead
  • South Table Mountain Park-Golden Hills Access
  • White Lunch Park-East Trail Head

In addition to the popularity of these trails, McBride said he also considered mobile phone services on the trailheads JCOS chose for the program.

“I don’t want to see someone get to the trailhead and call Lyft and can’t leave. I don’t want to see someone get stuck,” he said.

At the start of the four trailheads, there are signs promoting the program to encourage visitors to try it.

The program started on June 28th, but no one who talked to Denver 7 on the Friday trail had heard of it yet. However, some thought the program was a good idea and said they might try it in the future.

“I support people who go out. Whenever possible, reduce the number of cars on the road and use Lyft etc. to get out of here. I support that,” said Todd Burgett. Stated.

If the program is successful, McBride says JCOS may consider expanding the program to other trails in the region in the future.

He has already received requests from other Colorado land management agencies for more information to see if it is an idea that can work for them.

Hopefully more visitors may have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without competing for parking.

Jefferson County Open Space partners with Lyft to try to reduce trail congestion Source link Jefferson County Open Space partners with Lyft to try to reduce trail congestion

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