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Jeffrey Epstein pilot says he never saw sex acts on flights | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-11-30 13:22:00 –

New York (AP) — Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime pilot flew to a jury on Tuesday at Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial when he flew his boss and others (including the prince and former president). Thirty years he said he had never seen evidence of sexual activity in Japan.

Lawrence Paul Bisoski Jr., the first witness to the trial, admits that he has never encountered sexual activity on two jets he piloted on about 1,000 trips between 1991 and 2019. At that time, I was answering the question of the defense lawyer.

He said most of the flights stayed in the cockpit, but sometimes appeared to go to the bathroom or have a coffee.

Although he was called as a witness by the government, Visoski’s testimony seems to have helped Maxwell’s defense when Maxwell’s lawyer Christian Everdel answered questions about what he saw when straightening the aircraft after flight. was.

Visoski didn’t hesitate when asked if Everdel had seen sexual activity when he went out for coffee or if he found a sex toy when he cleaned it up.

The “never” pilot answered both questions. He also said he had never seen a used condom.

And when asked if he had ever seen sexual intercourse with a minor woman, he replied, “Never.”

The pilot said Epstein had never warned him to stay in the cockpit during the flight and recommended that he use the bathroom near the back of the plane, which had to pass through the plane’s sofa.

He said he had never seen a child on an airplane unaccompanied by his parents.

When Everdel asked him about a teenager, a prosecutor said he was sexually abused by Epstein before she became an adult, Visoski believed she was “mature” when he was introduced to her. I said that.

He also said that Clinton was a passenger on several flights in the 2000s, with Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom, the late Senator John Glenn of Ohio (the first American to orbit the Earth), and former President Donald Trump. Admitted to flying the plane with Bill Clinton. , “One or more times.”

According to Visoski, Epstein gave 40 acres of land to build a house on the property of a financial company in New Mexico and paid for his daughters’ college education.

Epstein’s plane was ridiculed by some media as “Lolita Express” after allegations that it used a teenage girl to fly to a private island, a ranch in New Mexico, and a townhouse in New York City. ..

Flight records released as part of a civil lawsuit also showed that Epstein used planes to fly celebrities, influential scholars and politicians around the world.

Luminary, who flew with Epstein, had to defeat the speculation that they must have known the crime of a millionaire that they were on a plane. Clinton said he was unaware of any illegal activity, like others in the ride from Epstein.

Maxwell, 59, has traveled in a circle for decades. It brought her into contact with skilled and wealthy people before she was arrested in July 2020.

When asked by US assistant Maurene Comey where Maxwell stood in the Epstein world hierarchy, Visoski said Maxwell was “number two.” “Epstein was a big number one,” he added.

The testimony supports what assistant US lawyer Larapomerants told the jury in her opening statement on Monday that Epstein and Maxwell were “criminal partners.”

According to Pomeranz, Maxwell recruited and groomed girls for sexual abuse by Epstein from 1994 to at least 2004.

Maxwell pleaded not guilty, and one of her lawyers was named Epstein’s scapegoat, who committed himself in a Manhattan cell at the age of 66 in August 2019, awaiting a sex trafficking trial, in an opening statement on Monday. Said that.

Visoski gave a brief testimony on Monday and then on Tuesday at the witness stand.

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Jeffrey Epstein pilot says he never saw sex acts on flights | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Jeffrey Epstein pilot says he never saw sex acts on flights | St. Louis News Headlines

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