Jen Psaki compares Fox News reporters to Russian and Chinese propaganda | Biden administration

Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Fox News and other right-wing media reporters, “Russian and Chinese media representatives are asking government-directed questions … propaganda. It is likened to the “promoter of

Psaki spoke with CNN’s Reliable Sources in an interview aired on Sunday.Her relationship with the media is smooth and she briefs more often than any of the Trump administration’s predecessors. Including Peter Doocy from Fox News Decorated the headline.

Last week like that Interaction It contained questions about Anthony Fauci, Biden’s chief medical advisor. Republicans and right-wing reporters Issuing an email Sent by Fauci at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked by Doocy, “Should I be held responsible” for Fauci’s “come to this mic and say another after saying one thing in an email,” Saki said, “Multiple global health. Fauci, who oversaw the management of the crisis, was called a “famous civil servant.” ..

“The attack on him is certainly not something we stand by,” she said, adding:

Doothy asked about US funding for Chinese laboratories, which is an important part of the Republican attack on Forch, as the theory that Covid-19 fled such laboratories is regaining attention. ..

Psaki diverted the question.

Doothy asked, “Can you imagine a situation where the president would fire him?”

“No,” Pasaki turned to another reporter and said, “Please.”

At CNN, Saki said: It can be frustrating. I try not to show it too much, and I try not to let people see where I’m sweating too much. But sometimes I feel human. “

Host Brian Stelter said, “Most false-based questions come from brands like Newsmax and are sometimes called into briefing rooms. I know many liberals don’t want it. Is Fox news To be called.I think it should be, but why do you call Fox news And Newsmax? “

“My view, and more importantly, the president’s view, is that this story is neither about me nor in discussions with the press. The story is about the administration’s plans and us. Is about what he is trying to project to the American people.

“And when he promises to rule for all Americans, that means talking to different outlets, such as liberals, conservatives, people with different areas of interest, so that’s exactly what I am. That’s what I’m trying to do every day. “

Stelter asked why some viewers were pleased that the spokesman seemed to “silence” questioners such as Doucy.

“I also have a responsibility to ensure that the briefing room is not a place for propaganda or dissemination of false or inaccurate information,” says Psaki.

“My best preparation for that was actually acting as a State Department spokesman when Russian and Chinese media representatives were in the briefing room.

“So, in the briefing room, not every day, I’m responsible for making sure they’re getting accurate information, and for making sure that the propaganda push question assumptions are correct. Give them inaccurate information. “

Mr. Pusaki also defended the administration against criticism of holding a one-time presidential press conference. Understanding the reality of governance.

Fox news Happily Summarized the conservative criticisms of the interview. The verdict included “obedience, vulgarity” and “abuse.”

In an email from Reliable Sources, Stelter stated that his goal was to “speak the big picture and go beyond today’s news questions asked at the briefing and talk personally.”

Jen Psaki compares Fox News reporters to Russian and Chinese propaganda | Biden administration

Source link Jen Psaki compares Fox News reporters to Russian and Chinese propaganda | Biden administration

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