Jen Shah filed motion to dismiss telemarketing scheme proceedings

The story continues. Jenshah She has already acquitted her accusations, but is now trying to dismiss the entire proceeding.

The· Real housewife in Salt Lake City Star (47) filed a motion on Monday, June 14, calling on the court to dismiss the indictment against her on the basis of “legal and de facto insufficiency” and suppression of evidence. We weekly You can check.

March, Bravo’s personality was charged A conspiracy to attempt a transfer fraud and a conspiracy to commit money laundering. According to the indictment, Shah and her assistant Steuart Smith, Victims (many of whom were elderly and did not own a computer) were allegedly sold through online business services. The prosecution said Shah and Stuart sold the customer’s name to other telemarketers who sold more products to the victims.

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In her placement April 2 Shah pleaded not guilty For both rates. Her trial is scheduled to begin on October 18.

In a new motion filed on June 14, Shah’s lawyer said federal prosecutors could not prove their intention to deceive telemarketing customers. Shah’s lawyer also argued that her post-arrest statement should not be included in the proceedings against her because she went unknowingly.

“She was in a very vulnerable emotional state due to the combination of her history with a strange phone call she received on the morning of her arrest and a convicted serious offender who sacrificed her in New York.” Told. “This easily defeated her will. [Detective Christopher] Bastos and some positive misrepresentations he made to secure his waiver. “

According to court documents obtained by We, Reality Star received a call from “a person who did not reveal his identity” shortly before his arrest on March 30. This person, her husband, Sharievshire, Telling him to call Jen. She then received another call from NYPD detective Bastos. On the way she shoots the episode of RHOSLC..

“Her first thought and anxiety was that this issue was related to another NYPD issue, where Mr. Shah was told by a judge in the New York County Supreme Court to the man who sacrificed her. He was given a permanent protection order, Jen’s lawyer claimed.

Bastos asked her to pull while still on the phone with Jen, and when she did, the detective arrived with other agents and arrested her. “MS. Shah believes at this point that she may have been the victim of false identification, incredibly confused and emotionally out of balance from a strange sequence of events. “I did,” the document continued.

Jen’s lawyer also gave her a printed copy for Bastos to read and sign her Miranda rights aloud, but not knowing what she was seeing when she signed it. Claimed not.

“She heard the word Det. Butos said that Shah’s contact lenses in her eyes were dry and she didn’t have reading glasses, so her eyesight was blurred and she read the paper in front of her. I read that I couldn’t do it, “Motion added. “Even while reading her rights, Mr. Shah didn’t know what was going on, and still thought it might be a potential misconception.”

Jen and her lawyer are seeking a date to discuss the motion in front of a federal judge in New York City.

Report by Marjorie Hernandez

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Jen Shah filed motion to dismiss telemarketing scheme proceedings

Source link Jen Shah filed motion to dismiss telemarketing scheme proceedings

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