Jenna Fischer was the wife of “planned man” Matt LeBlanc

Pam Bistri almost married Joey Tribbiani.on the other hand Jenna Fischer Her role in NBC is recognized office, There are many roles she played most of the time.

Episode on Wednesday, July 14th Her “Office Ladies” podcast, Fisher, 47, reveals what happened when she was recast from CBS Sitcom, Man with a plan..

While co-sponsoring with her Angela Kinsey Breakdown of “Business Trip” episodes Of the show before them, Fisher brought up how she was rejected by the pilot Matt LeBlancCBS Sitcom. She revealed that the preview audience “did not believe” that Pam could become Joey. friend.

Jenna Fischer and Matt LeBlanc. MediaPunch / Shutterstock; Matt Baron / Shutterstock

Fisher who played Pam office For nine seasons after she was cast, network executives explained that she wanted “more scenes” with her. friend My wife on the screen of Alum. But after the focus group saw the pilot, they changed their minds.

“They said this was a literal quote.’I don’t think Pam will marry Joey. Chemistry doesn’t work between the two,” she explained during the podcast. “That was the feedback they got.”

In a conversation, 50-year-old Kinsey asked the viewer, “Did I only see it?” [the actors] As Pam and Joey. “

“Yeah,” Fisher confirmed. “So it wasn’t working for them that we got married and had a family.”

The· Split together Alum put what she learned on a plate She was let go A few days before she was scheduled to fly to New York for a network advance presentation.

“The first thing I said was [Man With a Plan] Fisher remembered asking her rep when she informed her about the casting switch. “And they said,’It’s worse than that, Hung.’ And I said,” What’s worse than that? “They said,” It’s been picked up, but without you. ” And I was like, “Wow, I think I’ll unpack my suitcase.” “

Man with a plan Continued to run for four seasons from 2016 to 2020 Liza Snyder Plays Le Blanc’s on-screen wife.

After losing to the CBS show, Fisher starred as Lena on ABC Split together Opposition Oliver Hudson In 2018.

“It’s a 30-minute comedy, but more,” Hudson, 44, said. Said before We weekly March 2018.. “The ABC understands that this isn’t your typical network comedy. It’s funny, but the punch line isn’t. The funny thing comes from the real world.”

Following the characters Hudson and Fisher, the show decided to part with amicable after a few years of marriage, but continued to live under the same roof to take care of their two children. “Brothers’ Delight” podcast host said We When he had an “immediate” relationship Guest book Alum.

“When you talk about chemistry, it’s something you can’t really define, it just happens,” Hudson said. “The moment we stepped into the room together and started talking, it felt like the real thing. I’m almost this guy. Jenna’s character, Lena, is almost my wife. And Jenna Her personality is mostly her, and her husband, Lee, is mostly me. It was crazy that this worked. “

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Jenna Fischer was the wife of “planned man” Matt LeBlanc

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