Jenna Johnson and Val Kmerkovsky fight romance in “DWTS”

I love the ballroom! Jenna Johnson Being open about how difficult it is to balance her marriage Val Chmerkovskiy While competing in season 30 Dance with the stars..

“Because we were always talking about work, it was a challenge for us to strike a good balance between work and family. This was a few years ago. Be human, just be married.” Johnson, 27, said exclusively We weekly Wednesday, October 6th. “clearly, [this] season [it] It’s a little easier for us to do that Can’t live together because of COVID.. “

Jenna Johnson and Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Rob Latour / Shutterstock

She continued. “So from afar, we’re just checking in to each other. We sent each other a sneak peak video and said,” What do you think? What do you think?’But yeah, that’s what we really work on. I think it’s done. It’s about quitting work, going home and staying with us. “

Johnson says it “Uninteresting” to keep distance from Chmerkovskiy, 35, because it complies with the ABC Reality Series Coronavirus Protocol.

“The five ways to convey my love are physical touches, so I just want to kiss him completely. Yeah, that’s just me,” she shared. “It was a little difficult, but we both have the same end goal and we know how meaningful this is to each other, so COVID is real and we want to support each other throughout the season. I think. I think He has incredible shots this season When Olivia [Jade Giannulli].. I want to be there to support him, yeah, thanks to FaceTime. “

Johnson and Chmerkovskiy also chose to skip the next appointment Dance with the stars Tour to Focus on their relationship.. “I’m very excited about the upcoming cast. It was a difficult decision, but [what was] Personally, and where we are in life, it’s great for us, “she revealed. “I think we’ve always prioritized work over ourselves. I think it’s a moment to get married, stay together and enjoy staying at home. But there are also some projects we’ve been working on. It’s planned, so we’ll be really excited to work on them. “

September 2020 Dancing with the Stars Jenna Johnson and Waltimerkovsky's Romance Timeline

Jenna Johnson and Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Larry Marano / Shutterstock

Meanwhile, the couple, Knotted in April 2019Look to the victory of Season 30. Ukrainian natives are paired with Giannulli, 22 Johnson is making history When Jojo Wrinkle As the first homosexual partner to compete in the show.

“I have Never married together in the finalSo I want to be with him first this season, “said a professional dancer. We.. “And I don’t care who brings the disco ball home, because there are four, so even on the mantle … it’s balanced, but obviously I want to beat that disco ball. But I do. I’m very proud if he wins the disco ball. “

Johnson said she was the first Skeptical about Januri’s casting at the show Given her relationship with the national college admission scandal. (Her parents, Lori Loughlin When Mossimo Giannulli, Prison in prison For paying $ 500,000 to secure Olivia Jade and her sister Bella Jean NuriAdmission to the University of Southern California. However, the choreographer’s opinion changed after that.

“To be honest, I had some of the same feelings because I had never met her, but I just read and heard. And after I got to know her a little, It was really obvious to me and really humble to me. I’ll meet them, “Johnson said. “I think this is a great experience for her to show another side of her, show who she really is, and show her growth. So yeah, I see how far they go I’m really excited. “

Dance with the stars Broadcast on ABC Monday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Report by Christina Garibaldi

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Jenna Johnson and Val Kmerkovsky fight romance in “DWTS”

Source link Jenna Johnson and Val Kmerkovsky fight romance in “DWTS”

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