Jennifer Aniston says “Friends” guest performers felt “on” on top of the show

Morpoint.Looking back on her time friend, Jennifer Aniston I wasn’t excited about the one guest performer I made The show’s 10-year running look..

“It was as if it was overkill,” 52-year-old Aniston explained during the SiriusXM appearance. Howard Stern Show Wednesday, June 23rd.

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The· Wanderlust Alum did not reveal who the guest performer was, but admitted that it was a man who seemed “don’t want to be a sitcom.” Aniston elaborated on an example of a strange set of behavior when he was dissatisfied with how the network and producers laughed during the network runthrough.

“This person laughs at his jokes and listens to them. It’s very stupid and not funny,” she explained. “It’s like,’What are you doing here? Your attitude-this is not all of us.”

For Aniston she wasn’t Excited by energy What the actor brought at that time.

“This is a nice and warm place. You come to our house and just sit there,” she explained.

The· Morning show Star confirmed it wasn’t Tom Selleck Or Sean Penn, And she even revealed that the guest performer in question later apologized.

“Interestingly, the men apologized for their actions years later,” Aniston shared. “To be honest, I was so nervous that I wasn’t doing my best,” he said. “

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Aniston wasn’t too excited about their actions, but she had previously Guest performer she liked to work with..

“Mr. The pit was great,” Aniston said in an interview. Access to Hollywood In May, talking about her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, Appeared in the 2001 episode.

She participated Courteney Cox And Lisa Kudrow And the latter I couldn’t help but agree with her choice..

“He was great,” Kudlow, 57, said.

Californian natives also talked about where they have a relationship with her Money ball Actor, 57, stand After working together on the virtual table they read in September 2020..

“It was a lot of fun. Brad and I are friends and we are friends,” Aniston elaborated in the June 23 episode. “And we talk, and there’s nothing strange at all, except for everyone who saw it and probably wanted or assumed it to be there.”

The pair married from 2000 to 2005.Aniston later married Justin Theroux In 2015, the couple split two years later.Pitt had a relationship with, as part of him Angelina Jolie Following his divorce from Aniston. Jolly, 46, and Pitt tied a knot in 2014 and separated in 2019.

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Jennifer Aniston says “Friends” guest performers felt “on” on top of the show

Source link Jennifer Aniston says “Friends” guest performers felt “on” on top of the show

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