Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Kiss on Saint-Tropez Yacht: Photo-Hollywood Life

Immediately after going officially on Instagram, J.Lo and Ben couldn’t let go of each other as they were on vacation in southern France celebrating their 52nd birthday.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, and Ben AffleckThe 48-year-old is showing off their love to the world.Couple, lovingly Known as “Benifer”Shared some sultry smoothies when they spent their vacation on a luxury yacht in Saint-Tropez, France, on Friday, July 24th. , Also locks lips — see photo via Daily mail here..

The “Dear Ben” single looked sensational with a multi-print mini dress and heel, hiding behind chic sunglasses. Meanwhile, Ben was a casual self in a lightning T-shirt, chinos and sneakers. In another snap taken on a $ 130 million yacht, town The actor put his arms around the housewife and appeared to be taking landscape photos with his iPhone.I saw the pair So They fell in love as they roamed around the ship and clearly enjoyed each other’s company in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Ben and J.Lo snuggle up to the Hamptons. (Elder Ordonez / SPLASHNEWS.COM)

Later that night, J.Lo and Ben regained their fever. Bronx natives outperformed themselves with a second sexy look, paired with a medium-length black dress and heels, when they got off the boat for dinner. Daily mail..Ben couldn’t let go of the stunning sufficient The actress gives her a huge birthday kiss again. The actor replaced the navy T-shirt with blue button-downs, trousers and black shoes.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on her “Jenny from the Block” video set in 2002. (SPLASHNEWS.COM)

Both photos finally came right after the diva in “Jenny from the Block” I went to Instagram official With her rekindled beauty who was engaged between 2002 and 2004. To celebrate her 52nd birthday, Jen posted a series of super sexy bikini photos on her account — surprised fans with photos of her and Ben! The pair again shared a hot and humid kiss in a professionally taken photo and hurriedly created it in the comments section.

The couple has grown stronger since she rekindled their romance shortly after leaving Alex Rodriguez, 45, who was Discover a yacht in Saint-Tropez.. Jennifer recently described the project as “more relevant than ever” for her third album dedicated to Ben.

“When I heard that [album] At many, many different levels, those songs are more relevant today than they were then, “she says. Confessed to Apple Music on July 9th.. “It was a really pure moment, and the music never disappears when it matters … love, it just never disappears. It’s just there,” she added.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Kiss on Saint-Tropez Yacht: Photo-Hollywood Life

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