Jennifer Lopez celebrates Twins Max and Emme’s 13th birthday: Watch-Hollywood Life

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her “beautiful baby”, twins Max and Emme, and became incredibly emotional as a teenager. Check out the video of the two mothers and her children.

What a big milestone!February 22nd today Jennifer Lopez Celebrated the 13th birthday of her twins Max And Aimer.. 51-year-old JLo started the day with her young man sharing with her ex-husband. Marc Anthony, Special treat: Breakfast in bed. The newly built teens read a birthday card written by their mother after delivering a children’s tray of their favorite breakfast treats.

J Lo sees the kids reading the birthday card, Remarkably emotional When she saw the children and was surprised at how much they had grown, she wiped her tears. The trio shared a hug and a kiss before J Lo finally posted an emotional video to her Instagram account. But what was far more moving than the clip at that moment was definitely her caption.

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her twins Max and Emme’s birthday on February 22nd with a nice post on Instagram. [AP News]..

“My beautiful baby is a teenager today,” JLo began. “That’s incredible 13 years I took it home with my arms in the snowstorm. The blizzard gave birth to two perfect rilled coconuts that reorganized my life and taught me the true meaning of love. Since then, it has been the most magical journey of adventure and joy, “she continued.

Alex Rodriguez wishes Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Aimer, Happy Birthday, via Instagram.

“I’m feeling so much this morning … I’m so emotional today … I can’t fizz because I’m so proud, happy and sore. [SIC] time.My two compassionate, sensitive Special soul… the one I know will change and reorganize the world in your own very unique way … your mom will love you forever … and forever “she has an inspiring dedication I finished it.

JLo wasn’t the only one wishing her children a happy birthday. Her beloved fiancée, Alex RodriguezI also visited Instagram and shared a series of images in a carousel post featuring Emme and Max. “Happy Birthday Eme & Max,” wrote a former baseball player, 45 years old. “I congratulate both of you in my life and look forward to seeing you continue to grow and do great things! Keep reaching for the stars!”

It’s great to see Max and Aimer grow up into teens and look like they are today! Mark and J. Roe welcomed their little children to the world on this day 13 years ago. Since then, J. Roe has become completely himself as a devoted mother who loves to incorporate. Bring her children to her performance And dedicate all the time she has when she isn’t working for them. As the years go by, I can’t wait for them to keep growing!

Jennifer Lopez celebrates Twins Max and Emme’s 13th birthday: Watch-Hollywood Life

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