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The original “Jeopardy!” Art Fleming host once said that the producer couldn’t “understand” the show with three specific changes. (Amanda Edwards / Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – Hosted the first few iterations of Art Fleming “Jeopardy!” Between 1964 and 1979, I wasn’t a fan of how the producer changed the show’s gameplay for later versions.

He was also not shy to inform people.

of “Later” interview with Bob Costas In the early 90’s, Fleming said the new version hosted by Alex Trebek wasn’t his tea, despite approving Trebek’s performance.

“Well, that’s another show,” he told Costas. “It’s still one of the best shows and games on TV, but there are three things I don’t understand.”

In it, Fleming said he thought the clues were much easier.

“They say it’s difficult, and to me it’s funny,” said Fleming, who claimed he “crashed” into one of the show’s producers and said the same on his face.

Art Fleming, which hosted the first few iterations of “Jeopardy!” Between 1964 and 1979, he once said that there were at least three problems with game change. (The Associated Press)

Besides, the original version of “Jeopardy!” Instead of having to wait for Trebek to read the entire clue, he allowed the contestants to be talked about at any time. This was also sitting badly with Fleming.

“I think the answer is” he was the first … “, they will make a fuss! Fleming claimed he liked this gameplay method. This is because there are more false responses and the game is more exciting.

“It changed the pace of the game,” he said.

Finally, Fleming said there was a problem with the prize. In the original version, players were allowed to retain the cash they had accumulated throughout the game, regardless of whether they finished first, second, or third. However, in the early 90’s, the 2nd and 3rd place finishers’ comfort awards included a variety of products offered by sponsors. (Today, the 2nd and 3rd place contestants will be awarded $ 2,000 and $ 1,000, respectively.)

“You could be in second place, $ 1 away from Reed, and get a year’s supply of dog food … it’s a bit of a chintz,” Fleming said.

Despite Fleming’s problems, he told Costas that he was proud of his tenure at the show. He was also delighted to meet fans who thought he was some kind of trivia buff. But when Costas asked if Fleming thought he could be “Jeopardy!”. The champion himself quickly admitted that Fleming had “dramatically lost” several times he played with.

“If the seat wasn’t in front of me, I wouldn’t have been able to find me within a mile of the studio,” he said.

‘Jeopardy!’ original host had a big problem with how game is played Source link ‘Jeopardy!’ original host had a big problem with how game is played

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