“Jersey Shore” cast reveals “worst” and “embarrassing” dates

The date will fail! Jersey Shore: Family Trip Performer Vinnie Guadagnino, Angelina Pivanic And Paul “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio We compared their worst dating stories, one of which featured a drink blunder.

Castmate spoke exclusively We weekly Guadagnino, 33, enjoys Pivalick’s nasty 2019 wedding about their bad romance Chris Laranjeira,It contains Unpleasant toast By their fellow housemates Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Dina Nicole Cortese And Nicole “Snuki” Polizzi..

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“Angelina is her wedding. Her wedding day.” Keto Guide Cookbook The author said We, Pivanic (34 years old) and Delvecchio (40 years old) urged laughter.

The· Couple therapy AlumHowever, he had another bad date in mind, including flatulence and suspicious supper outfits.

“I have a list,” said Pivalnick. “There was a man who took me to dinner, he started to farewell, he sharded himself, and he wore khaki.”

On the other hand, Guadagnino Pointed to the bar As his roughest night out, “I had a date when the girl sent her drink back three times. It was a mojito. It was embarrassing.”

Pivalnick I agreed with her co-star, “I hate such people. Just drink!”

Jersey Shore The most memorable TV spin-off for years
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Delvecchio’s nasty outings fell into his hands Friend Jersey shore Housemate When they were traveling to Miami.

“They tried to set me up once. They were all trying to find me a date. They spent all day signing me trying to find someone, and they did.” Remembered the DJ. “So I got excited and dressed up. Vinnie dressed as Victoria came out. They made him my date. I’m like” Come on! “. “

Guadagnino thought it was a “great date”, but Delvecchio shook him off and said “No!”.

Fans had previously seen Del Vecchio’s fake date unfold in the 2018 episode. Jersey Shore: Family Trip..

“Oh, hey boo!” Guadagnino said in a clip from the episode while wearing a long dress and wig. “All your girls there, the love of your life may be in front of you. This is proof that true love exists.”

Despite being surprised, Del Vecchio Naughty and laughingLater, he accepted his BFF and carried him away from the camera.

“She is beautiful! My baby! This is the perfect woman,” he said before hugging Staten Island in New York.

to see US Weekly For more information on the worst dates of the three reality stars, see the exclusive video above.

Jersey Shore: Family Trip MTV will air on Tuesday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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“Jersey Shore” cast reveals “worst” and “embarrassing” dates

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