Jesse Owens tree planted in Cleveland – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-04-30 18:10:34 –

Cleveland, Ohio (WJW) — Jesse Owens Oak Tree Heritage ClevelandRockefeller Park Lagoon with new saplings planted today.

84 years ago, Jesse Owens planted an oak tree at James Ford Rhodes High School in Cleveland. Old brooklyn..

It is a symbol for inheriting his legacy, the four gold medals and several gold medals won at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Olympic And the world record he set.

(Provided by Bob of Perkowski)

Today, the sapling stands in the Rockefeller Park Lagoon near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, so you can enjoy it for generations.

The new tree was horticulturally bred or grafted from the original Jesse Owens oak tree. This is the process by which a new plant grows from other plant parts.

(Provided by Bob Perkowski)

“This special tree has lived away from Old Brooklyn’s radar for decades. The story of Jesse Owens’ victory in the face of international and domestic adversity remains at the heart of Cleveland’s story in the future. So, we are excited to raise awareness of the tree and ensure that its heritage survives, “said Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation.

University Circle Inc. Chris Ronayne, president of Jesse Owens and chair of the Holden Parks Trust, says he plans to create a broader interpretation of the site around a new tree site celebrating Jesse Owens’ heritage.

“On behalf of the Holden Parks Trust, we are proud to be the manager of this legacy planting in collaboration with the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation, the Holden Forests & Gardens, and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District,” said Chris Ronayne.

Jesse Owens tree planted in Cleveland Source link Jesse Owens tree planted in Cleveland

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