Jesse Palmer Nominates New Host

The third time is attractive! Bachelor When single husband Jesse Palmer Announced as a new host for Bachelor’s degree in paradise..

Former soccer player who took over, 43 years old Chris Harrison In September 2021, we will fix the eighth season following the bachelor’s degree spin-off prior to the upcoming autumn premiere.Palmer is a favorite of the bachelor’s nation Wells AdamsWho again Return as a resident bartender for the show And the athlete’s best friend.Radio DJ, 38 years old one of Bachelor’s degree in paradiseHost revolving door During Season 7, which premiered in September 2021.

Wells Adams “Bachelorin Paradise” ABC

Next season cast ABC Entertainment President has not been announced yet Craig Elwitch Made fun of during ABC’s Upfront event on Tuesday, May 17th Many bachelor’s favorites go to the beach This year. “Given those who are thinking of coming back to get a bachelor’s degree in paradise, I think it will continue to be a very noticeable and highly discussed block of programming on Monday and Tuesday. “He said. deadline..

Before returning as a host Palmer appeared in Season 5 Bachelor’s degree, Aired in 2004. After Harrison, 50, he replaced the show’s longtime host and executive producer. Fired in February 2021 After he seemed to defend Matt James‘Season 25 winner Rachel CarconelPast behavior At a college party with the theme of Old South..

“I said [Clayton Echard] From the beginning,’Hey, if you ask for advice, I’m completely there to give you thatBut this is not me, “said the sports commentator. We weekly In January. “”My trip is different from your tripUnlike all other bachelor’s degrees that have done this so far, this is unique to you and he will understand it. So the biggest pressure for me was to be there in the most honest, honest and best way. Help Clayton get what he’s looking for.. “

At the time of runner-up Rachel Lequia When Gabby Windy It was Announced as a joint bachelor In season 26 Bachelor’s Degree: After Final Rose Palmer also revealed that he will be replaced, specially in March. Caitlin Bristow When Taisia ​​Adams As new single husband.

“I guess — spoiler attention — I won’t come back“Bristow, 36, said in an episode of her” Off the Vine “podcast shortly after the news was reported. She said, “At the end of the finale, I saw Jesse announcing two bachelor’s degrees. He said he was going to be by them for that. I think Jesse is amazing. … He will be a great host. I hope he can help Gabby and Rachel in the best possible way. “

She continued.I want to support Gabby and Rachel And being there for them is very bad. I think it makes sense for women to be there for them. … I feel sad. “

Adams, 31, confirmed that she and her former co-sponsor I knew about planning a network to hire Palmer Prior to the announcement. “It wasn’t really a surprise because both Caitlin and I called a few weeks ago saying they would go with Jesse,” she said. We weekly Limited to March. “”I am very happy with him.. He feels very kind and kind to me, so he hopes that everyone in that position is in the best condition. He is looking forward to seeing the new season. “

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Jesse Palmer Nominates New Host

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